Augusta’s Superior Overhead Garage Door Services received the ThreeBestRated® Award 2021

Superior Overhead Garage Door Services was recognized for the fourth year in a row with the ThreeBestRated® Award for one of the top rated garage door repairs in Augusta.

ThreeBestRated® is a multinational ranking website that lists the top three companies, restaurants, professionals, etc. in each city. Their business experts follow a rigorous 50-point review that includes reviewing their ratings, reviews, complaints, history, etc. before the top three companies are selected.

“It is quite an accomplishment to be listed as the leading provider of garage door sales and services in my region,” said Kris Walton, owner of Superior Overhead Garage Door Services. He attributes this recognition to his team. “It’s a team effort and Superior Overhead Garage Doors has a team that works well and looks out for each other to make sure the job is carried out as efficiently as possible and to make sure we have another happy customer in the industry End, ”he says.

About Superior Overhead Garage Door Services:

From a young age, Kris enjoyed helping his brother with his sales and service calls. “He taught me the ropes and allowed me to carry out practical tasks under close supervision,” says Kris, recalling his past.

Fast forward to 2012, Kris bought his brother’s garage door business and ventured out on his own. “It was a learning curve, but after smoothing out the rough edges, I picked out what wasn’t working well and incorporated ideas and practices that earned me 5-star customer ratings,” he says proudly.

Kris and his team have extensive experience installing and repairing all types of garage doors and are open 24/7. “My best achievement in this industry is to inspire a customer with the broad spectrum of knowledge that I have acquired in this industry in over 20 years,” he says.

As in any other industry, new advances are being made in the garage door industry. The most popular right now are lifestyle screens and motorized screens that allow people to use their garage all day without having to break in the entire system.

He understands that things will not always go the way we want in business. That is why we always have to be honest and open with our customers. “When a job goes smoothly and everything goes exactly as planned, you can expect rave reviews from your customer. However, what happens when from day one every aspect of the sale has been a struggle and you’re running late and the door is six weeks behind and you run into issues during the installation that delay the job even longer. But after all is said and done, your customer still gives you a 5 star rating. To achieve this, constant communication, listening, empathy, and honesty are required. I’m definitely proud of situations like this, ”he explains.

Kris is aware of how the pandemic has affected the economy. This year he is therefore planning to promote funding opportunities. “The economy was hit hard last year by Covid, the elections and other major events. Against this background, the families suffered financially from these events. So I’m going to promote funding as an option for those in difficult times, ”he says.

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About ThreeBestRated

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