Asphalt Or Concrete? House Digest Survey Discovers The Most Popular Driveway Material

Out of 629 respondents, 36.41% (229 people) chose concrete as the type of material they would prefer for their driveway, according to our survey. Arlington Concrete notes that this material is durable and can last longer than asphalt and gravel. In fact, if it is properly maintained by the homeowner, it can last for over 30 years. So although the initial cost may be more expensive, you’ll actually be able to save money in the long run.

Speaking of maintenance, concrete only needs to be sealed once a year to prevent damage from moisture or de-icing chemicals. And if you’ve noticed your concrete driveway has gotten a bit dirty, all you’ll need to clean it is a hose with pressurized water and a stiff-bristled brush.

Additionally, another benefit many may be pleased with is that concrete is an environmentally friendly option. It takes less energy to install compared to other materials and can be recycled to create new driveways.

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