Antimicrobial flooring launched by Bolidt

Originally designed for use in land-based applications such as hospitals and kitchens, the technology should be bactericidal, hygienic and easy to clean.

Hybrid floor

The material is applied as a coating on Bolideck 525 decks, which are used for interiors on passenger ships. The 525 system may also contain security messages such as: B. static or dynamic signs, socially distancing markings or lights that indicate instructions where passengers should queue.

In collaboration with YSA Design, a hybrid floor concept is also being developed, which includes a layer of carpet that is attached to the Bolideck 525 system with an antimicrobial coating. In the event of a future outbreak, the carpet can be removed to reveal security markings underneath, which will also activate the sanitary and bactericidal properties of the solution.

“Certain rooms on board a cruise ship require soft carpeting to create that luxurious feel, but passenger ships need to be flexible when they set sail again,” says Georg Piantino, lead architect at YSA Design. “With the hygiene of Bolidt’s antimicrobial technology, social distance signage and the elegance of a fine carpet, Hybrid Flooring is the perfect example of how ships can adapt to changing requirements.”

He added, “This allows a luxury suite, for example, to be converted into a medical area in a short time and with minimal disruption.”

Research and Development

Jacco van Overbeek, director of Bolidt’s Maritime Division, claims that Bolidt’s antimicrobial flooring has “consistently demonstrated its value on land in the healthcare sector” and that the “product is ready for use”.

He added, “In our recently opened innovation center, we are researching floors that will help reduce the spread of viruses not just through safety messages, but thanks to truly virucidal properties.”

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