An interesting spring: 5 questions for Charlie Churchill, the owner of The Grass Guys

Q: What got you into lawn care?

A: My former business partner and I started in my freshman year, and then we’ve grown every year. After graduating from UND in spring 2019, we started clearing snow that winter. Then I bought out my former business partner and now we’re growing very quickly.

Q: What does it mean to restore a person’s lawn from spring onwards? What makes your company different from others?

A: It is always good to ventilate in spring. The plugs from the aeration act as nutrients for the lawn and decompose into the lawn. Some people like to pull all that dead straw out of the yard through straw, which makes it easier for more water to get into the grass. Water, fertilizer or the like. If we continue in this dry spell it can get very difficult on lawns. I would say our attention to detail. We’re pretty much about the way we leave things and try to do the best job possible.

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Q: We had a dry winter. How did the snow removal go for you? We are heading into spring and we are in a moderate drought. Does that mean you need to take special steps to restore a lawn?

A: With a mix of part-time and seasonal contracts, the winter was definitely not as successful as we imagined, but we’d like to believe that things will turn out to be average over the next few years. It was just a dry winter. I would only recommend watering and ventilating in the spring and doing everything possible to prevent your lawn from drying out completely and turning yellow. A nice thing with very little snow was the lack of snow mold compared to previous winters.

Q: Do you expect to be pretty busy this spring?

A: I would say things will be pretty relaxed this spring as we will have a long time to do our spring cleaning. We usually have about a week or two to do our spring cleaning in late April and early May, but this spring we start completely next Monday. We’re only getting out three weeks early to make spring a little easier. If we get some moisture things can go back to normal, but it looks like it might be an interesting spring.

Q: More houses are being built on the south end of Grand Forks, which means there are more prospects, right? Is the competition tough?

A: Competition is tough, but as long as you do a good job. We really haven’t lost any customers over our years and we haven’t done any advertising at all. We only had great love from people who saw our work and noticed it.

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