Ames Bazooka’s continuous flow system increases productivity in drywall finishing

Ames BAZOOKA’s continuous flow system improves the speed, quality and efficiency of the professional finishing company.

“Companies that have switched to BAZOOKA CFS have reported savings of three to five man-days per week / per crew,” said Mike Brooks, vice president of business development at Ames.

Ames is now available with a revolutionary new drywall finishing device that increases productivity by up to 40 percent compared to automatic taping tools. The BAZOOKA® Continuous Flow System (CFS) is the latest generation of a tool that Ames pioneered in 1954. The company has thus established itself as the nation’s leading supplier of tools, accessories and training courses for automatic gluing and finishing (ATF).

Designed for high volume drywall finishers, the BAZOOKA CFS incorporates the latest advances in cone technology and pump design to improve the speed, quality and efficiency of the professional contractor. The heart of the system is the high-performance BAZOOKA pump, which was specially developed and built by Graco® for dry construction work.


One of the many innovative functions of the pump allows the operator to control the flow via a radio frequency controller on the inline handle. With the use of RF technology – an industry first – you no longer have to stop and return to the pump to adjust the pump pressure.

New improvements in taping and finishing from Ames help to improve the finish quality more precisely and with less fatigue. Redesigned finish boxes, new corner tools, and patent-pending ergonomic designs enable contractors to consistently and consistently deliver a flawless end result.

The finishing system delivers up to 1½ gallons per minute, or about twice as much as standard pumps not specifically designed for thicker connections. Because BAZOOKA CFS provides for on-site flow control, contractors spend more time finishing and less time reloading. In addition, the in-line handle trigger positively stops the flow of mud without seeping, which can result from traditional pressure-controlled systems.


“The BAZOOKA CFS is the first drywall solution that you can cope with continuously without having to reload the tool,” said Andrew Reed, President and CEO of Ames Taping Tools competitive construction industry and this tool is designed to turn productivity into profit. “

Further innovations are:

  • Purpose-built Pump – Graco’s rugged Endurance ™ pump and MaxPower motor are optimized for drywall finishing and deliver twice the volume of standard pumps.
  • Multipurpose Tool Filling Station – This feature allows you to fill all conventional gluing and finishing tools (BAZOOKAS, flat boxes and mud channels) without interrupting CFS operations. At the end of the day, the pump drains unused compound from the CFS as well as other finishing tools on the job site.
  • Precision Corners – Use the innovative paper-coated bead tool to continuously apply the compound to the inner and outer 90 degree corners.
  • Flow Control – Start / stop the flow of mud without wetting with the industry’s first RF controlled in-line handle trigger.
  • Ergonomic Design – The easy-to-grasp teardrop-shaped taper weighs only 7 pounds and lets you work all day with no effort or fatigue.
  • 25 Gallon Funnel – Recycle used compound and construction site sludge and the internal funnel filter removes contaminants so the system is ready to go the next morning.
  • Innovative Tools – The redesigned cone is 50 percent lighter, while the redesigned finishing box system maximizes finish quality and the patent-pending swivel head improves sludge flow.
  • Easy to clean – just run water through the pump and wash tools on site in the large capacity funnel.


“If you know how to use a traditional automatic cone, getting on the BAZOOKA CFS requires virtually no training,” said Mike Brooks, vice president of business development at Ames, who attributes the simplicity and speed of the product to careful engineering and extensive work. Site tests. “The innovations and finishing efficiencies represented in BAZOOKA CFS show Ames’ commitment to the ATF industry.”

According to Brooks, companies that have made the move to the BAZOOKA CFS have reported savings of three to five man-days per week / per crew. Others have reported production increases of 50 percent or more.

“What if each of your crews could only complete 30 percent more drywall per week with the BAZOOKA CFS,” asks Brooks rhetorically. “Any tool that contractors can use to increase productivity while maintaining or improving quality is a wise investment.”

For more product information or to request a demonstration call 888-BAZOOKA.


Graco Inc. provides technology and expertise for liquid management in industrial and commercial applications. The company designs, manufactures and markets systems and devices for moving, measuring, controlling, dispensing and applying liquid materials. Minneapolis-based Graco is a recognized leader in its specialties, serving customers around the world in the manufacturing, processing, construction and maintenance industries. For more information, visit or call 877-844-7226.


Headquartered in Duluth, Georgia, Ames Taping is the industry leader in drywall finishing tools, accessories and training. Ames invented automatic taping and finishing tool technology in 1939 and improved it with the introduction of the bazooka in the 1950s. This technology greatly improves the speed, quality and efficiency of the professional finisher. Ames delivers, supports and services interior decoration applications for residential and commercial buildings through a network of owned and franchised companies in over 180 locations in the United States and Canada. For more information, visit or call 800-241-2771.

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