Alpi Chiaro Venato: a SapienStone worktop for elegance and functionality in the kitchen

Practical and beautiful: these are still the most suitable adjectives to describe it best kitchen countertops for 2021.

In line with the trends in interior architect in the last few years the world has grown from contemporary kitchens maintains all its dynamism and continues its technical and aesthetic development looking for Functionality and Expressiveness.

Indeed, the possibilities offered by the new materials are still based on the timeless rules of “good design” and thus the concepts of Innovation, usefulness and longevity.

2021 adds the search to these consolidated aspects maximum customization in the kitchenthat can be achieved with a touch of luxury and a creative approach that goes outside the box.

High-tech porcelain is one of the most important materials in recent years for a form of design that is as useful and practical as it is beautiful, resistant and always original, often anticipating trends and responding to the tastes and desires of today’s consumers.

The aesthetic diversity today’s collections of High-tech ceramic plates enables a tasteful, creative approach to the kitchen bespoke spaces in which the preparation of meals becomes an experience that engages the senses and stimulates the imagination. With the help of porcelain, high-tech ceramic worktops and surfaces determine our daily actions Strength, durability and easy cleaning.

Intended for that Main kitchen, but also for professional kitchens in Cafes and restaurants, SapienStone is the brand that draws on the know-how of Iris Ceramica Groupwho in recent years has pioneered research into the technical and aesthetic properties of the modern kitchen.

The SapienStone worktop is made of ceramic clays and colors that have remained unchanged over the years. It is not affected by the variables present in the kitchen such as heat, steam, light or wear and tear from the daily use of chemicals and disinfectants.

Resistance to scratches, stains and various sources of voltage is maximized on SapienStone surfaces, making them a safe and comfortable place to work in perfect serenity.

The porcelain surfaces of the Iris Ceramica Group comply with all the strict technical regulations of the sector. What she immediately notices, however, is hers aesthetic properties.

The SapienStone kitchen countertop comes in a range of colors and finishes that include different ones contemporary and traditional styles.

The Countertop is available in numerous pale colors as well as in darker shades and even in black, an increasingly trendy color for the kitchen in recent years. Countless neutral shades are also available: gray and beige tones that go with anything and will never look out of date.

Effects reproduced on high-tech ceramic surfaces include stone, wood, and various types of marble like the new one Alpi Chiaro Venato.

In response to the preference in the market for a combination of originality and elegance with a touch of a trendy color such as: greenAlpi Chiaro Venato is an unusual and extremely versatile surface that goes perfectly with light or dark furniture and is therefore suitable for rooms furnished in a traditional or modern style, both in private homes and in public spaces.

The radiant, extremely elegant Alpi Chiaro Venato has a deep green background that is crossed by spots of different colors that alternate in lighter and darker shades.

The marble it is inspiringly reproduced down to the smallest detail: the white veins Add an original touch of natural movement to the entire surface and propose an optimal solution that will add a touch of character and prestige to any architectural project.

Like the other SapienStone textures, this product can also be applied to walls or floors or combined with other colors in the range to create a cozy, perfectly integrated structure bespoke space. The kitchen countertop is made to measure: its dimensions make it perfect for a wide variety of customized solutions, including peninsulas and islands.

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