Alpen WinSert secondary window insert recognized by BuildingGreen as a top 10 product for 2022

Alpens WinSert helps solve one of the biggest challenges facing the construction industry: How do we cost-effectively retrofit outdated, underperforming commercial windows?” – Brent Ehrlich, Product and Materials Specialist at BuildingGreen

BuildingGreen, a respected leading source of trusted and unbiased information among green building professionals for over 35 years, annually recognizes the most innovative green building products that are transforming the industry. ALPEN HIGH PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS, INC., a longtime US leader in high performance window technology for the commercial and residential markets, announced today that the company has again been recognized by this highly respected publication for its newly patented WinSert secondary window insert and a place on the top -10 product list for 2022.

The highly anticipated product winners are chosen each year from thousands of innovative options hitting the market each year – this year with a focus on products that transform building systems by saving energy, water and resources while reducing carbon emissions. Reduce emissions and their impact. BuildingGreen editors look for products that significantly improve on standard “business-as-usual” practices and offer elegant solutions to industry-wide problems. “WinSert from Alpen helps solve one of the biggest challenges in the construction industry: how do we retrofit outdated, underperforming commercial windows in a cost-effective manner?” said Brent Ehrlich, product and material specialist at BuildingGreen. “The company’s lightweight ThinGlass technology can help create a high-performance window system without significantly changing the look of the building or the office workflow.”

Buildings are responsible for about 40% of energy waste and greenhouse gases in the United States, and many older buildings still have single pane windows. This problem can be solved by completely replacing existing single pane windows, but this can be extremely expensive and disruptive. WinSert secondary window inserts offer an ultra-lightweight, custom retrofit solution to convert existing leaky, underperforming windows into airtight, high-performing windows that enhance the building envelope without the expense, time, and disruption required for window replacement.

Recently certified by the Attachments Energy Ratings Council (AERC), WinSert’s super-insulating, patented, high-performance design performs up to 48% better than competitor secondary window options, and many other retrofit solutions simply don’t meet the comprehensive needs of the market. “There is a tremendous opportunity to reduce the energy consumption of the built environment simply by addressing the large volume of aging single pane or otherwise underperforming windows,” said Brad Begin, CEO of Alpen High Performance Products. “We’ve paired our expertise in high-performance windows with our innovations in thin glass to develop WinSert as a cost-effective retrofit solution that allows building owners to upgrade commercial windows without the massive capital expenditure and service disruption of window replacement.”

This is the third time that Alpen has awarded its innovative products as a Top BuildingGreen product. First, in 2007, Alpen’s ultra-high performance fiberglass windows, now referred to as the Zenith Series, received recognition as the highest-performing windows ever manufactured for wide commercial availability. Also in 2020, Alpen received recognition for its ThinGlass Triple and ThinGlass Quad pane high-performance windows with an innovative use of thin glass center panes to provide thermally efficient windows with a much lighter profile. Alpen is one of the select few companies to have been recognized by BuildingGreen three times in the twenty-year history of this prestigious award, further confirming Alpen as an innovation leader for the window, door and glass industry. “At Alpen, we take great pride in constantly bringing new and innovative window technologies to market to improve the window industry,” said Begin. “It is safe to say that we are very honored to have been recognized by an organization as respected and respected as BuildingGreen not once, but thrice in the last 15 years.”


Alpen High Performance Products manufactures super insulating, thermally efficient commercial, residential and architectural glass windows with four decades of industry leadership in the manufacture of high performance windows and glass units. The exceptional thermal performance of Alpen window and glazing solutions grants the freedom to design with maximum glass across all building types and climate zones. Alpen products offer a powerful combination of blocking summer heat, retaining winter heat, eliminating harmful UV rays, reducing noise and maximizing natural daylight while delivering exceptional energy savings. As a complementary alternative to Alpen’s ultra-high performance commercial window lines, Alpen has combined its expertise in thin glass windows with the continuous development of WinSert™, a high-performance secondary window insert, to further advance the commercial secondary window market. Visit Alpen’s website to learn more.

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