All-glass garage doors with privacy glass

Spiced walnut powder coated rails and stiles on this Haas Door RA360i garage door are accented with tempered dark gray glass to give this home a curb.

The all-glass garage door design increases the attractiveness of a home but can still provide privacy for the homeowner.

Slim with a contemporary flair, designer-style garage doors that maximize the flow of light through all-glass panes are currently very popular with homeowners. The stylish doors are available with a variety of options from Haas Door and are accentuated by coordinated rails and stiles in wood grain, anodized colors and powder-coated colors.

“From coast to coast and everywhere in between, we’re getting more and more inquiries for all-glass garage doors,” said Jeffrey Nofziger, president of Haas Door in Wauseon, Ohio. “People like the style of these garage doors. The all-glass design increases the appeal of a home, but can provide privacy for homeowners. “

Matching garage door to the entrance door

Chris Keller selected unique powder-coated rails and stiles made of seasoned walnut wood for his RA360i garage door. Tempered dark gray glass gives your garage door a distinctive look. And the wood grain of the garage door compliments the front door of the house … a strong trend towards curbing its appeal in today’s marketplace.

“We were looking for something special in a garage door that would set our home apart from others in the neighborhood,” said Keller, a resident of Northbrook, Illinois. Glas Haas door option as soon as we see it. “

“The dark gray glass reflects sunlight well during the day and you can’t see anything in the garage. At night, when the lights are on, you can only see shapes. The glass gives us the privacy we wanted and makes the front of the house attractive through design. “

The team at Ralph Bradley Corp. installed the garage door in the basement residence. The homeowner was pleased with the speed and level of service he received from them. “Ralph Bradley’s plumbers were experienced and efficient,” says Keller. “We are confident that the Haas Door garage door you have installed will last a very long time and add value to our home.”

Focus: all-glass garage

Far across the country in Anchorage, Alaska, Gary Boss also selected an all-glass door from Haas Door. For Boss it was part of a complete renovation of the house.

“We drove through town and found a glass garage door that really impressed us,” says Boss. “We liked the clean aluminum / glass look. We made up our minds straight away and that’s where we wanted to go. “

Door Systems of Alaska installed the large RA360i Haas Door garage door with frosted glass. Clear anodized aluminum rails and stiles were used to complement the exterior of the house. The new garage door is a highlight of the curb aspect of the home remodeling featured in Alaska Home Magazine in 2019.

“The last thing we wanted was to lose privacy in our garage,” says Boss. “But it’s just the opposite. We gain light through the frosted glass and at the same time protect our privacy. It’s like double lights in the garage!

“Above all, this door is durable. We had some snow last winter. My truck slid and crashed into the garage door. To our great astonishment, not a pane of glass was broken. We had the door realigned by the Door Systems of Alaska team. The garage door was working properly again in less than an hour. That really shows how durable the Haas door systems are! “

Side-by-side all-glass garages

In Evansville, Indiana, homeowner Jeff Wolfe was fed up with boring, empty-looking garage doors. Wolfe, a car collector with four adjacent garages in his house, wanted something with more “pop” for his garage doors.

“I first saw this all-glass garage door in Marco Island, Florida,” says Wolfe. “The transformation is impressive. I love the look and they give me privacy. On a scale from 1 to 10, these doors are a BIG 10! “

Evansville Garage Doors, which has worked with Wolfe in the past, installed the four CA110 garage doors in the house. Each door has tempered frosted glass with black anodized rails and stiles. The glass was inserted into every panel section of the stylish garage doors.

“I run a business that has several large garages,” says Wolfe, owner of Wolfe’s Auto Auctions. “If more garage doors are needed in the future, I will definitely be returning to Evansville Garage Doors. And I’ll definitely be thinking about Haas Door products! “

Haas Door is located in Wauseon, Ohio, where the company manufactures steel and aluminum garage doors for residential and commercial buildings. The family company is a member of IDA and DASMA and manufactures products that are sold throughout North America. For more information on Haas Door, please visit

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