Air conditioning unit stolen from woman recovering from heart surgery

There’s no escaping the heat for Natasha Allen and her family

“I turned the air conditioning on and nothing happened,” she said. “Something just told me to go out there and check the AC unit and when I went out there – gone.”

Allen says previous attempts to take the unit were unsuccessful, but about a week ago the robber hit the jackpot when they drove a vehicle on her lawn.

Tire tracks left marks in the grass and bodacious removed her AC unit

“They snatched the whole unit,” she said. “They took the circuit breaker; they took the ground wires.”

But dealing with a lack of cool air inside the Allen home is not the only problem for Allen.

Suffering from a heart condition, she recently had a medical procedure and living without AC is compromising her recovery.

“With the medication and heat it kind of has me on edge,” she said. “I’m suffering with headaches.”

Her 14-year-old daughter is also facing medical challenges.

“If I get into heat too long, my asthma starts to flare up,” said Sasha Gregory-Allen. “Now I can’t really breathe, my chest is hurting.”

Now the family is turning to other methods to stay cool.

“We bought three new fans and take cool baths,” said Natasha.

She says they can’t afford to buy another AC unit and the fans cost her around $100 – an expense they also can’t afford, but she knew they needed something.

That’s why they hope whoever took their AC unit will bring it back.

“The actions that you are doing, it might be relieving you, but you are causing someone else pain.”

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