Air conditioning technicians are seeing a surge in business

With the first heat wave in the four states, the air conditioning technicians are very busy.

“You know a lot of heat just hit and people weren’t ready, so we get a lot of calls. The phone rings all day, ”said Luke Gunlock, Satterlee Plumbing, HVAC and Mechanical Contractors.

Repair crews say they are used to being at the forefront of business at this time of year when temperatures rise and are preparing to work long hours. They say most of the problems they see can be prevented with annual maintenance.

“Normal maintenance service has not been performed to ensure that freon is not running low or needs cleaning, or that something may have gone wrong, or that the fan motor is not working properly. And then they turn it on and it doesn’t work properly, so give us a call, ”Gunlock said.

They say most of the problems they get is that residents are unable to stop AC devices from blowing cool air, which regular cleaning can prevent.

“Then mowing your yard throws up a lot of dust. You want to turn off the condenser while you’re mowing the yard or just grab the water hose without applying a lot of pressure so you don’t bend the fender, and just washing it up can really help a system a lot, “explained Gunlock.

The average service life of a heating and cooling device is 15 years with proper maintenance.

“Different things can happen and you know systems, they just don’t work the way they used to,” he said.

One problem he often sees is air conditioning coils freezing due to clogged filters.

“A lot of it is just dirty coils. Dirty filters, you know, people, if they change their filters before we show up, then the system starts working properly. So change the filter, ”said Gunlock.

According to Gunlock, if your device or air filter is dirty, it can add to your electricity bill as the device works harder to bring in cold air.

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