Air conditioning rolled out for state schools

Air conditioning rolled out for state schools

As part of the Queensland Government’s Cooler Cleaner Schools Program, all Darling Downs South West region state schools are now air-conditioned.

Acting Premier Steven Miles announced that the program was delivered before the start of Term 2, 2022.

“We promised Queenslanders that we would air-condition every classroom, library and staffroom in every Queensland state school and that’s exactly what we’ve done,” Miles said.

“Around 10,000 spaces in 649 Queensland state schools have been air-conditioned thanks to our $477 million investment in the Cooler Cleaner Schools Program.

“Due for completion in June 2022, all installations were completed over two months ahead of schedule to ensure students and staff could enjoy air-conditioned spaces from the start of Term 2.

“We know that students learn best when they’re in cooler and comfortable learning environments.”

Education Minister Grace Grace said 85 state schools have received air conditioning to provide a more comfortable environment in about 700 new school spaces in the Toowoomba, Lockyer Valley, Southern Downs and Goondiwindi local government areas.

“Out of 1,258 Queensland state schools, 649 schools were assessed as needing air conditioning to classrooms, staffrooms and libraries,” Grace said.

“That included schools in the Toowoomba, Lockyer Valley, Southern Downs and Goondiwindi local government areas, and the Palaszczuk government has invested around $12.3 million to get the job done across the region.

“This program has already helped our students and staff feel more comfortable in teaching and learning environments right across Queensland.”

Toowoomba State High School Principal Ashley Roediger said the new air conditioning was very well received by the local school community, particularly given the local climate.

“All our classrooms, the library and performing arts center have been fully air-conditioned since late 2021. It has really improved the conditions for learning right across the school,” Roediger said.

“Toowoomba summers are extremely hot and our winters are very cold so it’s fantastic to now have temperature-controlled teaching spaces.

“I’d also like to thank our P&C for their hard work raising funds to purchase air-conditioning units in previous years.”

Grace said the use of air ventilation and correctly operated and maintained air-conditioning systems that introduce fresh air from outside could help minimize transmission of COVID-19 in schools.

“Our investment also includes $71 million over three years to expand solar panel installations on state school rooftops to assist in offsetting the additional energy air conditioners will use,” she said.

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