Air conditioning helps veterans in need

“The air conditioning went off about a month ago and it was the whole thing. The whole thing, “said Angel Munoz.

Munoz is a veteran and working mom of three also trying to earn a college degree.

When her air conditioning failed in the middle of summer, she didn’t know how to replace it.

“There was no way I could afford a whole unit,” said Munoz.

At that point, an organization called Healing Emotions Above Reasons and Thoughts, or HEART, stepped in.

HEART is an organization that helps veterans struggling with depression, PTSD, and sometimes financially.

They supplied Munoz with AC window units and then connected them to the Bosworth Air Conditioning Company.

“[Bosworth] took it upon itself to provide the unit and manpower, “said Munoz.” You haven’t billed anything to me or my family. “

Evie Gandy, Bosworth’s director of marketing and PR, said it was the least they could do after hearing Munoz’s story.

After Munoz lost a brother in combat and another to suicide after serving, Munoz volunteered to help veterans like himself.

She never thought she would be on the receiving end.

“I just learned about her story and how inspiring it was that it touched my boss’s heart to help her,” said Gandy.

Though Angel Munoz and her family are in the triple digits this week, they’re going to stay cool with their new AC unit in their Midland County home.

If you are someone you know is a veteran and can speak to, you should reach HEART at (432) 230-9078.

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