Air conditioning for part of Shelby County Juvenile Court

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A heat warning appeared, as did the air conditioning in parts of the Shelby County Juvenile Courts building.

“It’s burning because I work in the outfields and it’s hot out here,” Shuner Drummond said of the week’s temperatures.

Drummond said it was hot when she was in the Shelby County Juvenile Court building on Adams Avenue.

You have been without air conditioning in parts of the building for about two days.

“I was there for two hours and it was pretty hot,” said Colbey Lamberth.

Building managers say around five courtrooms are out of air.

They say the equipment may be to blame but aren’t sure.

And said in a statement that they have been working non-stop to fix the problem.

“You should probably fix this,” said Lamberth. “People are crazy enough as it is. You don’t really want to make her hot and angry. “

Staff set up fans and portable air conditioners to solve the problem.

Some people criticized the placement of units when temperatures rise.

“You had a fan, but it was on your honor so no one else really got much,” Lamberth said.

They also brought bottled water for humans in some of the hottest rooms, but noted in their statement that most of the building has working air conditioning.

“It’s warm walking down the hall, but it’s not the room we were in,” said Drummond. “It was cool in there.”

It is not yet clear when it could be fixed.

I was just there and the lobby wasn’t too warm. They have fans and they said they bring water to the people in the courtrooms @ 3onyourside

– Bridget Chapman (@bridgetchapman_) August 25, 2016


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