Air conditioning down at AB Won Pat International Airport | news

Air conditioners at the AB Won Pat International Airport are being repaired, according to a news release from the airport.

Work on the airport’s main terminal chillers and coolers began at 6 pm Thursday and was scheduled to be completed by midnight, but water pressure issues extended the work until this afternoon.

The chillers and cooling towers were to be taken offline to replace valves for the condensing water system. All the air-handling units remained on for air circulation throughout the terminal.

There are four 5-ton air-conditioning systems in the passenger screening area and two 10-ton air-conditioning systems in the immigration hall to ensure the comfort of both incoming and outgoing passengers.

“We apologize for the uncomfortable temperatures currently being experienced in the terminal, however, our team has been working around the clock and through the night to get the chillers and cooling towers back up and running at 100% capacity,” said airport Executive Manager John “JQ” Quinata.

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