After repairing the foundation, fix your home

A foundation repair project can take several weeks if you have severe damage. Once this process is complete, you may need to do some repairs to cope both inside and outside your home. Foundation problems can lead to unsightly cracks in the wall and floor. There are also times when you have uneven concrete outside. As soon as your home is level again, you can start fixing the aesthetic problems. Cracks and uneven door frames can get worse if you don’t get a repair done. However, with the right professional, your home can look beautiful again after a foundation repair.

The wait

After repairing your foundation, wait 4-6 weeks before starting any damage repairs to your home. A foundation repair will bring the house back to its original position. The movement from the repair process can also cause damage to your home. If you repair cracks too soon, you might find yourself repeating the process in a few weeks.

Give your home time to adjust to get the best results from your efforts. You may need to repair cracks in walls, adjust door frames, and replace flooring. A serious company for Foundation repairs in Michigan can help you determine the best schedule for your follow-up repairs.


Keep an eye on the cracks in your walls in the weeks after the foundation is repaired. As the house settles, the cracks may get bigger or you may get new ones. Look for cracks both inside and outside your home. Hire the appropriate specialists for drywall or brick repair. Moisture can get into your home through cracks. A suitable solution prevents further damage.


Make sure you repair cracks in your concrete slab as well as the floor above. You may need to lift the carpet to check for damage. Foundation problems can cause cracks in marble and ceramic tiles. Laminate or wood floors can also warp. To make your home safe and beautiful again, your contractor should make sure the floor is level before replacing the floor. Cracked and uneven cement areas outside of your home can also become safety hazards. Sometimes homeowners need to renew an entire sidewalk or driveway.


If you have signs of a leak, your plumber may be working with the foundation repair company to restore your pipes. Pay attention to your water consumption after the foundation repair. Watch out for low water pressure, high water bills, and humidity around the home. If the foundation moves, pipes can be laid. By identifying installation problems early on, you can avoid expensive and lengthy repairs.

doors and windows

If you have doors and windows that don’t open or close properly, you may need to get work done on the frame after the foundation is repaired. Some of these problems can also improve once the house is back in its original position. A few weeks after the foundation repair, check all of the door and window frames to see how many repairs you need.

After you have your foundation repaired, don’t be discouraged if you find that you need more work on your house. As soon as the foundation is completed, you can work on the other topics one at a time. Remember to repair any cracks in the walls first to keep moisture out of your home. The frames of windows and exterior doors can also let moisture into your home. With a little patience, you can beautifully restore your home after a foundation repair.

Selected image source by F. Muhammad from Pixabay

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