Affordable flooring for an affordable renovation

Planning a home renovation can be costly. If you’re on a tight budget, you shouldn’t have to compromise on the look of your home. In fact, with a little research, there are plenty of affordable solutions out there to achieve the look you want. If flooring is an area that you’re struggling to resolve, check out these affordable flooring options for an affordable renovation.

Vinyl floor

Vinyl flooring is nothing new, but modern times has definitely given it another chance to shine. Vinyl flooring is affordable and durable and can mimic any other type of flooring. Modern options include marble and stone designs that will fit any bathroom or kitchen. Say goodbye to the expensive price tag behind luxury flooring and embrace savings and style that is undeniable.

Laminate floor

Laminate floors are a real hallmark in the home renovation world and have always been an affordable and preferred option for home buyers and renovators. Like vinyl, it can mimic many expensive hardwood surfaces without the high price tag and difficult installation. Other reasons for using laminate floors for your cost-effective renovation are their durability, low maintenance requirements and easy-to-clean properties.

Carpet tile floor

If you’re looking for an option that costs less than $ 3 per square foot, don’t worry – it doesn’t just exist in your dreams. Carpet tile floors are one of the most economical options. One of the many advantages of using this flooring is the fact that it is easily replaceable if tile parts get dirty or damaged. It’s also a much softer and padded option than traditional tile.

Concrete floor

If you want to give your home a modern touch, one of the cheapest and most practical options is a concrete floor coating. This option is an example of simplicity at its finest. It is easy to install by pouring concrete on the sub-floor. If this is your thing, you can rest assured that it will fit right into your low-budget renovation.

These are four examples of different affordable floor coverings suitable for an inexpensive renovation. You can now say goodbye to the days of compromising style for lower prices. Instead, treat yourself to one of the suggestions we’ve made here.

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