Advanced Wildlife Control celebrates its 14th anniversary with growth in 2021

Advanced Wildlife Control is celebrating 14 years of wildlife removal and prevention experience with additional team members growing over the coming year

DOVER, NH (PRWEB) April 1, 2021

Advanced Wildlife Control, Inc., a locally owned company specializing in wildlife removal, control and prevention, is celebrating fourteen years in helping NH Seacoast, Lakes and Southern Maine.

“Fourteen years ago, I set out to grow this small business with a job I love,” said Mike Ring, owner and operator of Advanced Wildlife Control, Inc. “We saw the need, especially over the past year With more people at home, we are finding that more and more people are realizing that they are not alone. The demand for scratching walls, bat removal, squirrel removal and other wildlife removal and prevention has increased, and we had to do some supportive Take action to support team members. ”

As befits his well-known sense of humor, fourteen years ago the founder chose April Fool’s Day as the day he started his business. He has a good sense of humor with his clients, who often deal with stressful situations and wildlife encounters. A bat flying around the house, whether it’s an attic colony or flying squirrels chewing on wires and messing up the outside and the inside, can be overwhelming for a homeowner.

The team was lucky enough to get in touch with community members in person and virtually. Advanced Wildlife’s social media marketing team is known for weekly critter-getter gimmicks of outtakes, videos, memes, and even some quick facts to lighten the mood and provide great information to business owners, homeowners, home buyers, and sellers.

The company was originally founded in the Seacoast area in 1985 and has grown and expanded after being purchased by Mike in 2007. Over the years, they have learned how to strategically map wildlife patterns to quickly uncover both their entry and exit points on the properties they operate. The team has been fortunate to have helped companies like Eversource, Walmart, Liberty Mutual, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, East Brown Cow, Bean Group, and many other real estate groups in the current economy.

Today they provide full shutdown services and encourage preventive action. This ensures that all current and potential access points are secured to eliminate the potential for wildlife encounters. The team has incorporated new technologies that use the latest wildlife control and prevention products such as Ridge-Guard® and Bird Barrier®, as well as environmentally friendly geese deterrent products.

“While they’re great for insect-powered solutions, the average pest control company doesn’t understand the behavior of animals like bats, squirrels, raccoons, birds and geese,” said Mike. “These animals intelligently and strategically record their movements and daily activities in order to survive. In many cases, pest control companies are not specialized in wildlife removal and exclusion, so they cannot understand the complexities of performing these services thoroughly with guarantees.”

No matter whether birds invade your roofs or parking garages, bats and squirrels in your attic that keep you awake at night, skunks and woodchucks under your shed or your porch, raccoons in the chimney that put a “damper” on cozy fires. Geese strutting their “stuff” across the golf field or lawn, the Advanced Wildlife Control “Critter Getter” team, as the community likes to call them, knows their way around complete wildlife control strategies with properties.

The team is trained in both commercial and residential real estate to remove squirrels, bats, skunks, woodchucks, rodents, birds including geese and other living things. They advise on recurring wildlife management, manage clean-up, damage repair and prevention strategies. It is their mission to provide safe, humane wildlife control services to homeowners, businesses, and communities in order to keep wildlife where they live outdoors in the wild.

Information on advanced wildlife control

Advanced Wildlife Control is a locally owned, full service wildlife control company specializing in both commercial and residential solutions including bat removal, raccoon removal, skunk removal, bird removal, squirrel and other invasive rodent removal, and prevention. Critter Getter team members are experts in human wildlife removal and exclusion. They guarantee satisfaction and offer extended warranty options to ensure sanctity of properties and safety. They are a highly qualified animal removal company serving the communities of NH Seacoast & Lakes, Southern Maine and the surrounding area.

More information is available online at Follow them on social media for updates, tips, and gadgets: @crittergetterofficial

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