Abilene Termite and Pest Control has changed ownership | news

Carl and Tanya Sims, former owners of Abilene Termite and Pest Control, are transitioning into retirement and have sold the business to Kurt Phillips. Carl Sims and Kurt Phillips said the business will essentially stay the same in the hands of Phillips. The family business has been around since 1951.

“We’re moving into a new chapter, but it’s time somebody younger takes over with a lot of energy and stuff that maybe a 67-year-old guy doesn’t have as much. I feel really good about it,” Carl Sims said.

Carl Sims said he and Tanya wanted to sell to someone who is a Dickinson County local who would keep the focus and level of customer service the business has maintained.

“What Tanya and I tried to do is carry on the same service that my aunt and uncle provided to people over all those years, and we wanted that to continue,” Carl Sims said.

Phillips is a lifelong Abilene resident. He helps his father work a farm, where he learned about pesticides, spraying and other pest control knowledge. He also owned a promotional products company for 10 years. He sold his part of the business to purchase and fully focus on Abilene Pest Control, Phillips said.

“I’ve been sitting in an office for 10 years, and honestly I just want to get out, be around people again and be out of the office,” Phillips said.

Besides the change in ownership, the business will remain the same. The staff under the Sims will remain under Phillips and all customer contracts will be honored.

“I’m grateful to Carl and Tanya for allowing me to take this over and purchase this from them, and I want to stress it’s going to be business as usual and take care of all our customers the same why these guys have for an awful long time,” Phillips said.

As of July 1, Phillips owns the business. Carl Sims is still working at Abilene Pest Control to ensure a smooth transition of ownership and be an adviser if needed. He will stay with the business until October 1st.

“I really want to express my gratitude to the people of Abilene, the customers, all of the folks of Abilene and central Kansas… for the way they have treated me and have allowed me to work for them over the years,” Carls Sims said . “I’ve enjoyed meeting all the people.”

Carls Sims said he has worked at the pest control business for 33 years since 1989. He and Tanya bought the business from Carl’s uncle and aunt, Don and Pauline Sims around 10 years ago.

“I was very, very fortunate to come here and to be able to come into this and buy this business. I’m really grateful to my aunt and uncle, who are both deceased now, for giving me that opportunity,” Carl Sims said.

Abilene Termite and Pest Control is located at 106 N. Spruce Street. Their phone number is 785-263-2271.

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