A pop-up, shirtless ‘Hunky Man Cleaning Service’ that comes with you home. A first for this conservative city.

Hunky Man cleaning service

Hunky Man cleaning service, at your service

“Who better to clean up the mess than a sexy man to hire? 👀 “is the first entry. Welcome to Singapore’s first shirtless housekeeping service. But don’t look forward to your next trip there unless it is. Trip is at the end of April. it will not take long.

“This is NOT an April Fool’s joke! VEHS launches Singapore’s first hunky man cleaning service. “They recommend booking immediately as there are only a few places left. The price ranges from S $ 420 (US $ 313) to S $ 700 and up to S $ 522 (US $ 522) in the upper price segment for customers with dirty penthouses.

It turns out to be a lot of fun and fun promoting this interior portal and the first Home Renovation Expo opening in late April. I will not be able to “meet and consult renovation experts in time to do this [our] Dream home a reality. “Besides, my house is already spotless there.

However, this action clearly suggests some other good reasons to visit. House there is really clean. But that suggests some other very interesting reasons to visit Singapore when we can.

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