A Home Spa Setup: How To Pamper Yourself During Coronavirus Quarantine

In the coronavirus quarantine there seems to be 100 hours a day, but only two days a week. The time is now a flat circle wrapped in jogging fleece. We are frightened, trying to be productive, and stressed about being productive while we are anxious. Therefore, we need to find ways to step back and let our minds relax. That’s why we’ve put together some luxurious treatments for the beard, feet and face. They take you beyond your everyday moisturizer, but also outside of schedules and inboxes and FaceTimes with the family.

For the best effect, do them whenever you need to decompress for a moment: before your first Zoom meeting, after you’ve signed out, whatever the hell is a “lunch break”. When all of this is over, you might be the one in the office looking not desperate, with an extra spring in your crotch with fresh feet and an extra shine in your big bushy beard.

Foot shell

It’s hard to find the right time to exfoliate your feet. On a normal day, you’re always on your feet, or at least traveling between work and home and the gym and errands and so on. But because of this “go go go” lifestyle, your feet are calloused everywhere, with rough patches of dead skin. Your heels might cut glass (or, as you have been told, your partner’s legs). So the current lockdown seems to be exactly the right time. Foot scrubs are mixtures of enzymes and acids – scrubs found in chemical facial scrubs. They’re not harmful at all, but when applied to the skin, they eat away dead skin cells while leaving the healthy, vibrant ones behind.

You let it sit on the skin for an hour while watching Tiger King. After rinsing, it will take a few days for the skin to peel off. (Just wait until days 3 through 7.) It’s a bit of a crude, intriguing process – but on the other hand, about a week later, you’ll have enough feet to start your own cam site.

A tip: wear socks all day and overnight during the scrub and turn them over when washing. You should be able to walk or run every day during the process, but you may want to take it easy on the most dramatic day.

Oh, and don’t make this a monthly habit, however satisfactory the results may be – aim for at least six months between foot restarts.

Hot beard oil treatment

When rocking a sturdy quarantine beard, you are not alone. But the key is that you need to be even more careful as the bushiness grows. They want James Harden, not Ted Kaczynski.

To keep the beard hydrated, itch-free, and tamed, consider a treatment with hot beard oil. It’s a soothing, spa-like procedure that opens pores and promotes natural hydration by treating both the hair and the skin underneath. You heat a vial with this oil in hot water, massage it over your beard, the roots up to the tips and rinse it off after a few minutes.

Product picture

Proraso treatment with hot beard oil (pack of 4)

4-mask facial treatment

This is a real spa promotion. We’ve developed a range of four products to remove areas of skin, shrink pores, and restore your skin to a healthy, movie-poster-worthy glow. Cucumber slices optional.

1. An enzyme peel

This is a washable version of an exfoliating serum. Leave it on freshly cleansed skin for 10-15 minutes (or as directed) and it will dissolve the dead skin on your face and keep your pores free. It is safe, but remember what you feel when you wear the exfoliating mask. If it stings before the time is up, wash it off. In any case, lukewarm water should be sufficient for the final rinse.

Product picture

Elemis non-abrasive papaya enzyme peeling mask

2. The pore cleaner

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