A concrete guitar wins the QUIKRETE 2020 One Bag Wonder DIY project competition

QUIKRETE’s first 2020 One Bag Wonder competition winning project, a Strat-style electric guitar built by Johnny Brooke.


A twist on the annual One Bag Wonder competition, QUIKRETE urged people to come up with specific gifts for family and friends this holiday season rather than buying them from a department store or retail website. Johnny Brooke prevailed in a very tough competition and hit the right notes with his winning Strat-style electric guitar.

Stephanie Leigh won second prize for her Christmas tree mannequin, followed by Joseph Grout’s Geometric Atlas Sculpture in third place. In terms of creativity, craftsmanship, and quality, the winning Brooke, Leigh, and Grout DIY concrete projects fetched $ 2,500, $ 1,500, and $ 500, respectively, and a trip to Atlanta Haven conference next july. Alicia Castano received an honorable mention for her specific Christmas village.

QUIKRETE One Bag Wonder Second placeStephanie Leigh’s Christmas Tree Mannequin took second place in the 2020 QUIKRETE One Bag Wonder competition.QUIKRETE

QUIKRETE 2020 Geometric Atlas with a Wonder BagJoseph Grouts Geometric Atlas Sculpture took third place in QUIKRETE’s 2020 One Bag Wonder competition.QUIKRETE“We have traditionally held the QUIKRETE One Bag Wonder competition in the spring or summer when people are more actively involved in DIY projects. However, given the special circumstances this year, we thought a Christmas edition could be a nice change of pace,” said Frank Owens, Senior Vice President Marketing at The QUIKRETE® Companies. “While we anticipated some unique projects, the level of creativity under the direction of Johnny’s QUIKRETE guitar has reached new heights. As a musician, I’m really amazed at the imagination it took to turn concrete into a working electric guitar. The same feeling could be said about all projects, which made choosing the winners very difficult. “

The DIY Christmas gift projects, which ran from November 1st to November 30th and were entered as part of the One Bag Wonder competition, did not have to end with more than one bag of QUIKRETE product. A QUIKRETE panel was supported by the Home Projects Council, a think tank of home improvement experts, in assessing the projects.

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