911 Air: Don’t ignore HVAC, your home’s MVP

With extremely hot summer temperatures and mild autumn and winter temperatures, the last thing people think about at this time of year is preventive maintenance of their HVAC systems in their homes. Most people don’t even think about their system until it breaks down. Don’t be one of those people! We always tell our customers that it is much better to be proactive than to be reactive.

So what does that mean exactly? Just as you regularly change the oil in your vehicle or have annual checkups by your GP, your home HVAC system should get some attention before problems arise.

Fall is here and everyone is relieved to turn their thermostats OFF and see the electricity bill shrink in time for the holidays. Sometimes we have to turn up the heating so that this side of the system needs attention too. Parts of our city have subdivisions that are all electric and others have natural gas. This means that there are different types of heating systems and most people don’t know the difference.

Fully electric houses have heat pumps. These devices use electricity and refrigerant to transfer heat to and from the house, depending on whether they are in COOL or HEAT mode. This means that all components can also be used in the cooler months. Preventive maintenance by a professional not only ensures that your system runs quietly and efficiently, but also extends the life of your system. Defrost mode, booster heater and total power are some of the functions that are checked during service.

For those on natural gas, their homes have stoves. These use the gas as fuel to heat the air that circulates around your home. Preventive service on these types of systems includes checking carbon monoxide levels, ensuring proper flame ignition, and checking all other safety aspects of the system.

During our maintenance checks on the heating system, we always keep an eye out for customers and make them aware of any problems that could potentially develop into something bigger. We want to avoid any disruptions to the comfort of you and your family.
There are also some DIY items that you can do to aid your HVAC system.

Change your air filters. We recommend that you do this on a monthly basis. This will ensure that the air you breathe is clean and that dirt, flakes, and pollen don’t circulate throughout your home.

Keep dirt and bushes away from your backyard AC capacitor. This will help your device “breathe” properly and prevent overheating due to lack of airflow.

Keep furniture and objects from blocking air vents. For customers with floor ventilation, this will help ensure that all rooms are supplied with air so that you are comfortable.

If your system has hobbled and barely made it to the finish line this summer, now is a good time to plan for next summer and install a new comfort system in your home. There are some great new discounts available from Electrical District No. 3 as well as federal discounts that you might qualify for. For allergy sufferers or sensitive noses, an air purifier can bring additional comfort into the house for you and your loved ones.

We wish everyone a peaceful Advent season and enjoy the cooler weather! Call or email us with any questions about your HVAC system and we’ll be happy to help.

Ray Nieves is the owner of 911 Air Repair.
This sponsored content was first published in the November issue of InMaricopa magazine.

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