7 Useful Kitchen Gadgets That Will Speed ​​Up Your Cooking

Whether you’re a pro or a newbie in the kitchen, there are some parts of cooking that just get tiring. Doing prep work is nobody’s favorite chore and when you’re cooking after work or for your family some well-deserved hacks are sorely needed. Thanks to modern technology, there are plenty of handy little gadgets that you can add to your kitchen arsenal that will take the stress and strain out of everyday cooking.

food choppers

A simple pull mechanism and no electronic parts make a mechanical food chopper one of the most useful items to have around. In just a few pulls you can slice and dice your vegetables and have your meal on the way in no time. Of course, it wouldn’t be as neat as hand-prepped veggies but if you’re cooking at home, speed always beats looks.


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Stretchy lids

Tupperware is the lifesaver of the century, but silicone lids take the possibilities to the next level. Now you don’t even have to transfer your food into different containers, just cover up your mixing bowl with an airtight seal and stick it in your fridge. Less washing up equals happier cooking days!


Milk Brother

This one is a little more of a luxury than a necessity, but with a hand held frother you can aerate any liquids from coffee to eggs for your omelettes without pulling out a blender or wasting energy hand whipping. Although it won’t be able to take on major projects like meringues, it will do the trick for all your day-to-day whipping needs.


Herb Scissors

Every meal is just a little bit more special with a burst of fresh herbiness added to the mix. But if you’re like me, you always forget to chop your herbs until the very end when the chopping board and knives are already cleaned and put away. Herb scissors mean you can snip fresh greens directly into your dish with minimal cleanup.


Non Stick Cookware

Even the most delicious meal can be ruined by the thought of a caked, greasy pan lying in wait for you in the kitchen. That’s why non-stick cookware is the first step towards saving your sanity. Just a quick soap and a brush with a soft sponge and your pans will look as good as new without the painful elbow grease.

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Countertop Trash Bin

Most chefs swear by a clean kitchen and cleaning as you go is the easiest way to work efficiently and hygienically. By having a place to dump your scraps as you cook you can avoid multiple trips to the bin and also have a clean countertop throughout your cook.


Electric Kitchen Scales

If you’ve ever had a cake go flat or cookies that turned out like rocks, you must know the importance of measuring accurately when you cook. But rather than guesstimate numbers with cups and teaspoons, you can nail the exact quantities every time with a handy countertop scale that measures down to the gram.


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