7 stylish types of privacy fencing to enhance your yard

The perfect picket fence for your home can make a big impression. Of course, you want a fence that serves its purpose while also complementing your aesthetic preferences. Due to their aesthetic aspects, certain fencing styles add a decorative appeal to your property.

A high-quality fence is always a sensible investment. You can then resell your home for a better price, making it more advantageous to you. These types of fences add instant appeal to your home and improve its value.

If you live near a forest or wildlife sanctuary, a fence is helpful. It will prevent wild creatures from entering your property and harming your livestock and property. If you have children or younger siblings, a fence will protect them.

There are currently a variety of fence types on the market. If you are still not sure which fence to build in your garden? Below is a selection of fences in different styles to give you ideas of the type of fence you can install for your garden.

Colorbond fence

The fencing industry appreciates colorbond for its amazing quality. Colorbond fences are so diverse, so feel free to choose what you prefer. Besides that, Colorbond fence panels are incredibly eco-friendly. And they require relatively little maintenance. The material of the colorbond is also exceptionally durable.

Another benefit of Colorbonds is their old vintage elegance to a once dull yard. Colorbonds go well with almost any landscape and design plan as they complement the Colorbonds in some way.

wooden fence

Wood is a popular fencing material and is one of the cheapest alternatives compared to other types. However, please note that wood is susceptible to environmental and weather fluctuations. It fades quickly and needs regular maintenance every few years, so plan for the cost of staining the fence and maintaining it.

Plastic-wood mix fence

Also known as a composite with wood and synthetic polymers, it is perfect for fencing and decking. The mix of recycled materials makes a composite fence an environmentally friendly alternative.

Composite fencing comes in a variety of shapes and colors. His installation can vary between classic vertical optics or the contemporary effect of the parallel buildings. It’s more expensive than the other fencing alternatives and requires professional installation, so keep that in mind when allocating your budget.

aluminum fence

Aluminum fences require minimal maintenance, are durable and easy to install. This makes them an excellent choice for a variety of fencing installations. Because aluminum is light and flexible, you can install the fence on both flat and sloping terrain. It is resistant to fading and moisture compared to other types of fencing.

Most aluminum fences appear with conventional spacing between the fence posts. As such, it’s a less than desirable alternative if you want more privacy and security. However, this is an excellent option if you want an aesthetically pleasing way of dividing up your land.

chain link fences

A chain link fence is a proven way to divide your land and create a clear barrier. A chain link fence is a popular choice for defining property lines. In other circumstances, experienced homeowners can build this type of fence in a day or two as it is easy to build.

The chain link fences are also great for keeping dingoes out of your yard so they can hunt your domesticated animals and ruin your yard. The Dingo Fence is an electric chain link fence that spans three states of Australia and has been proven to serve its purpose of protecting livestock from the dog’s supreme predators.

iron fence

A wrought iron fence is a form of metal fences which can add a stylish and exquisite appeal to your property. It is very durable due to its complex production process, made by a blacksmith who continuously heats the iron. It requires regular repainting for maintenance of an iron fence.

Steel has largely replaced pure iron in the commercial market. Pure iron fences are rare to find these days. A decorative steel fence looks similar to an iron fence. It’s a low-cost, robust alternative that offers greater safety and security.

White vinyl fence

A vinyl fence, available in different shapes and colors, is a flexible alternative to fencing your garden. Install a sturdy, tall vinyl fence to provide seclusion and protection for your yard. Alternatively, use a white picket fence for visual appeal and to surround your area.

Although such an alternative has a higher initial cost, it will require less maintenance over the next few years. Therefore, a vinyl fence is a more cost-effective choice. Please note that the installation cost is higher because accuracy is required as height errors are more visible.

Bring away

ONE good fence will add security, privacy and beautification to your property. Installing fencing around your home creates a quieter and safer environment. It protects your garden from intruders, wild animals and even nosy neighbors. So build your favorite fence to improve the overall look of your garden.

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