7 pros and cons of wireless fences for dogs in 2021

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If you are wondering how to give your dog the freedom to run and play safely in the yard, you are probably coming to the point where you are considering buying a dog fence. Having a dog fence will protect your dog from the possibility of running around freely in the neighborhood and getting into trouble. There are really many types of dog fences, and as wireless fences have become very popular with people, we decide to tell you more about them. After buying a dog fence, you can finally rest assured that your dog is safe in the yard. Visit DogLeash Pro to learn more about how to keep your puppies safe.

Why is a wireless dog fence so popular in the market today and what advantages it offers, you will learn in the following text? Despite the advantages, we are going to analyze the potential disadvantages of this fence so that you have a clear picture of whether or not it is worth your money.

What is a wireless dog fence?

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Before we list the pros and cons of this wireless fence, let’s first discuss what it is and how it works. In general, this is an actual fence, although practically invisible. If you want to install this type of fence, you need to connect the radio in your home. This device sends out radio signals within a certain radius around itself. It is up to you to choose the range of the radius. Your dog is given a special collar and a radio signal is recognized by it. As your dog approaches a certain location, it will receive electrical stimulation or an audible warning. You should know that they are painless. When you receive this fence, you will need to train your dog as there is a chance that it will not adapt to its characteristics right away.

If you’re wondering why this fence is worth buying, let’s look at some of its advantages.

1. The reasonable price will surprise you

Physical fences are made of some very expensive materials like iron, wood, etc. Fortunately, invisible electric fences cost less and are professionally installed for free. So, if you are looking for a fence that doesn’t require a lot of money to spend, this is the perfect option for you. In general, this is something that many people consider when choosing this fencing option.

2. This type of fence is more adaptable than any other fence

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If you want to place any of the traditional types of fence, then you need to pay attention to the yard. In other words, your garden needs to have a perfectly flat surface. If you have a sloping field, you will have trouble properly placing the fence. One of the advantages that the invisible fence type has is its adaptability to work in any area. Interestingly, you can also install invisible fences in hilly places, on water, and in wooded areas. These fences can also cover a large portion of the field and allow the dog to run freely.

3. If you are an aesthetic person, this fence is the option for you

Because wireless fences are invisible, you can feel like you’re in an open space. You have the option to enjoy the view outside your fence. In other words, if you have green spaces, forests or rivers near your home, you can enjoy them from your garden. Also, with a wireless fence, people can move around the yard without the trouble of opening and closing the gate. However, after you purchase this invisible gate, you will need to string some flags together so your dog can easily adapt to this new fence. They are only temporary solutions until your dog learns the limits of the electric fence. After a while, when you think your dog is ready for the invisible fence, you can remove the flags.

4. A wireless fence offers reliability

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One of the best advantages wireless dog fencing types offer is the fact that your dog cannot destroy it. In other words, it can chew it, dig under it, and climb over it without damaging the fence. Because of this, many people choose this fence option. That way, they know nothing can happen to it. Also, it doesn’t rust like the iron, it can’t get wet like the wood, so it’s the most practical type of fence. Nevertheless, nobody can damage it from the outside.

5. With this fence you have security and protection

Pet owners sometimes forget to close the gate so their furry friends can easily escape. If something like this happens, someone can steal the pet. You also run the risk of your dog getting hit by a car. With this fence you can forget about these scenarios. On the other hand, your house and garden will be maximally protected because no one will dare to get closer to your garden because they may be afraid of your released dog. Intruders won’t know you have a wireless fence, so they will avoid getting any closer or trying to steal anything from you. They won’t realize that your dog can’t reach them.

However, there are some drawbacks to this type of fence.

6. Barrier frustration

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Your puppy may be frustrated to see that he cannot play with other dogs that are running near your yard. Dogs are usually very friendly and sociable creatures, so they want to be included in all “dog meetings”. If someone walks near your fence and wants to stroke them, they’ll get nervous because they’re not allowed to get any closer.

7. Training is required

If you want to make sure this fence works for you and your dog, you need to help him adapt to it. If you want to ensure success, we recommend that you find someone to train your dog. If you do not have the time and patience to do this yourself and to help your dog not be afraid of the new fence, then it is time to turn to the experts. However, the training log is required if you decide to purchase this type of fence.


Deciding which type of fence to choose can be a daunting task. However, we hope that we can help you with this list of advantages and disadvantages that wireless fence types can offer. Take all of this into account and explore other types. If you do choose this type of fence, you should consider finding someone who, with a little training, can help your dog adapt to it. If you’re interested, pros can check out DogLeash Pro. They are very patient with dogs and can help them adjust to the fence very easily and be comfortable with a new collar.

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