7 best lawn sprinklers of 2021


A healthy lawn is one of your property’s best assets. However, to keep it lush and green, you need to at least mow and water regularly, especially during the hot summer months. Figuring out the best time to water and how much to water can be confusing. Plus, watering by hand can take so much time – put in the lawn sprinkler that does the hard work for you.

While the engineers at the Good Housekeeping Institute have not officially rated lawn sprinklers this year, in previous tests we measured their average range, assessed ease of setup, and durability and maintenance requirements. In the case of intelligent irrigation systems, we examine the intuitiveness of the apps and their integration into smart home products. Based on our experience of testing and categories in the past, we have reviewed new and innovative lawn sprinklers on the market to find the best lawn sprinklers from reputable brands that we have tested and trust. Here are the best lawn sprinklers for you:

What is the best type of lawn sprinkler?

  • Spot / stationary sprinklers Shoot water straight into the air and the droplets will fall in a round or square pattern around the sprinkler. They are better suited for smaller lawns.
  • Oscillating sprinklers Have a tube that goes back and forth forming an arch shape of rain-like spray that covers a larger rectangular shape that can be adjusted.
  • Impact (or impulse) sprinklers Shoot a horizontal spray around the center, creating an adjustable circular cover that makes a click sound when rotated. They have the greatest range (think: golf course).
  • Rotating (or rotating) sprinklers Shoot a horizontal spray around the center, but it’s quieter than an impact sprinkler and has less range. Many in-floor automatic sprinkler systems use them because they easily pop out of the ground.
  • Travelers sprinklers Follow a hose to roll across your lawn as two rotating spray arms shoot water around its lawn. These are popular for irregularly shaped lawns because you can route the hose in any pattern.
  • Automatic sprinkler systems in the ground You’ll need to install hoses under your lawn (some are designed for home improvement) and have pop-up sprinkler heads. You can program the coverage of each sprinkler (also known as a “zone”) to suit your lawn needs and climate.
  • Smart sprinklers Control your automatic irrigation system via WiFi and integrate it with other smart home devices. You can program which zones to water and when to activate the system. Some monitor the weather and most are certified by the EPA WaterSense program and can give you discounts on your utility bill.

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Best sprinkler for small lawns

887603-1001 point sprinkler

Perfect for a small lawn or vegetable garden, this metal Gilmour Spot Sprinkler is less likely to tip over while showering grass and plants. It’s also great for areas with lower water pressure as there is no need to drive a mechanism. If your smaller lawn is more square or circular, you might want the Gilmour 808763-1001, which is 30 feet in diameter.

Cover pattern: Rectangular
Maximum coverage
: 450 square feet

  • Ideal for small lawns
  • Budget friendly

Best sprinkler for large lawns

Traveling Sprinkler RainTrain

Over 1,000 Amazon customers gave this Nelson a five-star rating. A powder-coated cast iron body is splinter-free and ideal for larger shipyards. This ingenious sprinkler runs along the 5/8 inch diameter hose, which you lay out in any pattern (up to 200 feet) and its two aluminum sprinkler arms create a spray cover between 15 and 55 feet in diameter. With three speeds, you can choose between a faster pace for easier watering, a slower pace for more intense watering, or the self-propelled neutral pace in between. An automatic shutdown ramp prevents wasted water.

Cover shape: Customizable
Maximum coverage
: 13,500 square feet

  • Customizable coverage
  • Permanent

Best DIY lawn sprinkler system

32ETI In-Ground-Kit for automatic sprinkler systems

Rain bird

$ 129.00

The RainBird Automatic Sprinkler Kit is one of the few in-ground sprinkler systems that the homeowner can install without calling a landscaping company or other professional installer. It is Six hinged sprinklers provide ideal coverage for medium-sized shipyards between 1,000 and 3,000 square feet (the system is not designed to expand) – they retract into the lawn after watering and are ready to mow! The spray zone of each sprinkler can be adjusted and the programmable automatic timer ensures that your garden is watered as often as it needs without overwatering. If rain is expected, you can pause watering for up to four days without affecting the program.

Cover shape: Circular per sprinkler
Maximum coverage:
3,000 square feet

  • Subway system
  • No professional installation required
  • System not designed for expansion

Best oscillating lawn sprinkler

XT4200M metal turbo oscillating sprinkler


$ 29.99

The Melnor Oscillating Sprinkler has a durable, rustproof aluminum base, attaches to a 3/4 inch hose, and is ideal for a long, narrow lawn. It is The range and width are easy to adjust and have built-in flow control. The design creates a calm, gentle rain and a A cleanable strainer protects the gears from dirt in the water when using well water (the end plug also includes a nozzle cleaning tool).

Cover pattern: Rectangular
Maximum coverage:
4,500 square feet

  • Customizable irrigation cover
  • Works with well water
  • Low water pressure will reduce the coverage area

Best Impact Lawn Sprinklers

56348 brass sprinkler


$ 18.98

With a sturdy stepped tip to hold the sprinkler firmly in place, it has one Adjustable spray pattern from 0 to 360 ° and can reach up to 50 feet depending on the water pressure (It can handle up to 80 PSI). It is attached to a ¾ inch hose and is particularly durable thanks to its brass head and zinc tip. The flow design allows you to connect multiple sprinklers.

Cover shape: Circular
Maximum coverage:
7,700 square feet

  • Customizable spray pattern
  • Permanent
  • Not for low water pressure

Best sprinkler for New Seed

SJI-OMS16 oscillating sprinkler

Aqua Joe

$ 16.98

A Newly sown lawn needs a gentle jet of waterr and the Aqua Joe does just that. The range is customizable to reduce water waste. A sturdy metal base provides additional stability, and the turbo-powered unit gives you up to 3,600 square feet of coverage. The water inlet filter, which catches dirt and debris, can be removed and cleaned, and if necessary, faulty grains can be removed from the plastic nozzles using the cleaning tool provided.

Cover shape: Rectangular
Maximum coverage:
3,600 square feet

  • Customizable spray pattern
  • The cleaning tool can easily be misplaced

Best Smart Lawn Sprinkler

8ZULW-C 3 8-zone sprinkler control


$ 229.99

$ 201.14 (13% off)

The Rachio 3 controller works with your floor sprinkler system. It can be integrated into other smart home products via WLAN – You can control it from your smartphone or via an Alexa-enabled device, Apple HomeKit or Google Assistant. It also has controls on the device. Over 900 Amazon customers gave it a five-star rating. Each sprinkler zone can be individually controlled so that a lawn area in the sun can be watered more often than the area in the shade. The Rachio 3 coordinates irrigation with the weather, saving water – which deserves its inclusion in the EPA’s WaterSense program. We tested the eight-zone controller, but Rachio also has a 16-zone device for larger lawns.

Cover shape: Depending on the sprinkler head
Maximum coverage
: Depending on the sprinkler system in the floor

  • Control your irrigation system from anywhere
  • Easy adjustment
  • Only works with a floor sprinkler system

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