5-star roof and restoration is “roof done right”

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5 Star Roofing and Restoration, LLC provides roofing, repair, and storm restoration services for residential and commercial properties throughout Alabama. 5 Star Roofing and Restoration, LLC is one of the few statewide contractors to partner with Alabama Power providing affordable financing options. The company strives to do the best work in the industry and promises to work carefully and efficiently on every project they undertake.

The company, which has roots in the Birmingham area from the 1970s, provides services in the Jefferson, Shelby, Tuscaloosa, Huntsville, Walker, St. Clair, Mobile, Baldwin and Blount Counties areas. They were named one of Inc. Magazine’s 5,000 Fastest Growing Companies with a rank of 116 out of 5,000.

In 1973 Bill Cooper worked as a machinist at ACIPCO. With a growing family to support, he had to find a way to make ends meet. One day a neighbor asked him if he knew anyone who could replace the gutters in his house. Bill saw an opportunity, recruited help, and borrowed money to buy materials. He quit the job, paid the money back, paid his assistant, and still had money in his pocket.

His hard work led to the growth of the company, which flourished in the 1980s and 90s. 5 Star Roofing and Restoration, LLC has such notable projects as Associated Grocers in Tarrant City, the Thomas Jefferson Hotel, New Ideal, Brown Marx Tower in downtown Birmingham, shopping malls in Riverchase, Center Point, Inverness and Greensprings, Merita Bakery and Industrial completed buildings across Alabama and even army houses in Ft. Jerk.

“Today I am proud to be following in my father’s footsteps,” said owner Robert Cooper. “While the company name and look have been updated to better reflect the times we live in, make no mistake by choosing 5-star roofs and restorations you are getting generational experience, family tradition and heritage : Roofs done right is not just a slogan, it is the standard that we set ourselves by committing to a number of core values ​​and principles. ”

5 Star Roofing and Restoration, LLC has 5 core values ​​that set it apart from the competition:

  • Quality in everything they do
  • Team environment
  • Honesty in everything you do
  • Employee wellbeing
  • Trustworthy towards their customers

Behind all of this work is a company that simply wants to exceed its customers’ expectations. They also strive to carry out their work in a team-oriented environment.

The company offers six services: residential building replacement, residential building repairs, commercial building replacement, commercial building repairs, storm damage assessment and recovery.

  • Residential / commercial exchange: 5 Star Roofing works with the largest manufacturers of roofing materials in the industry. They have $ 1,000,000 insured and their crews are skilled artisans with decades of professional roof installation experience. You can trust their products and be sure that your investment is protected by an excellent guarantee, not a leak guarantee.
  • Repairs of residential buildings: Your professional team is equipped for a wide variety of roof repairs. Whether you’re dealing with a few broken shingles or major structural damage, they have the tools and skills to get the job done. No project is too big or too small and they pride themselves on high quality workmanship and complete professionalism, whether you are a first time customer or a seasoned customer who has been with them for years.
  • Commercial repairs: Your professional team is also equipped for commercial roof repairs. Whether it’s internal gutter systems or major leak repairs, these have the tools and skills to get the job done. They assess the situation for free and give you an honest opinion.
  • Assessment of storm damage: They offer a free property damage assessment to identify damage from severe weather.
  • Restoration: They work with the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. They also restore gutters, replace windows, siding, and repair damaged insulation.

5 Star Roofing and Restoration, LLC promises they will get it right the first time and always make the process affordable. Call them today for more information. They are 5 Star Roofing and Restoration, LLC and they are “Roofing Done Right”.

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