5 Best Landscaping Companies in Charlotte🥇

A concrete tile landscape. Source: Pexels

Below is a list of the leading and leading landscaping companies in Charlotte. To help you find the best landscaping companies near you in Charlotte, we’ve created our own list based on this review score list.

Charlotte’s Best Landscaping Company:

The top rated landscaping companies in Charlotte are:

  • Vision green landscape – has a team of landscape experts
  • Charlotte Landscape & Design – is a committed and passionate company
  • EcoGreen landscaping – is committed to improving its product and service
  • Stewart’s landscaping – Offers the best of custom landscape designs and installations
  • Genesis Landscaping Contracting & Design – offers complete landscaping

Vision green landscape

Vision green landscapeVision green landscape. Source: Screenshot from www.visiongreencharlotte.com

Vision green landscape has a team of landscape professionals ready to work with homeowners and businesses in the Charlotte area to help with lawn care needs of all kinds. Your team consists of people who are passionate about their work and know exactly what makes a garden beautiful. With the help of their landscape architects, you can transform your outdoor living space into exactly the space you dream of.

Vision Green Landscape is much more than just a lawn care company in Charlotte, although that is an integral part of what they do.


Ventilation. Commercial services, drainage, hand scrapers, sorting, lighting design, irrigation, retaining walls, lawn preparation and installation


Address: 1530 Queens Rd # 503, Charlotte, NC 28207
(704) 910-1941


“We got Vision Green Landscape quality, we installed an irrigation system and we cleaned our Cotswold house over 4 years ago and recently had them do the same in our new Cotswold house (except seeds instead of sod). We are just as impressed today as we were 4 years ago by the quality and speed of their work. Brenden and his entire Vision Green team were extremely thorough and easy to work with. Their prices are fair and reasonable and the quality of their work is top notch. They sure know what they are doing and no doubt we will reach them again in the future when our lawn and landscape have to change. Thank you again, Brenden, to you and your Vision Green team for another good job! Greg & Scott ”- Greg S.

Charlotte Landscape & Design

Charlotte Landscape & DesignCharlotte Landscape & Design. Source: Screenshot from www.charlottelandscapeanddesign.com

Charlotte Landscape & Design is a dedicated and passionate company focusing on professional landscaping services, including landscaping and hardscapes. They are based in Charlotte and offer services throughout the state. After working with many clients they can without a doubt define themselves as the best landscaping service in Charlotte.

When working on a project, your main goal is to get the client’s vision right, as they know the great feeling that translating a visualization into reality offers. To ensure this, they focus on a strong one-on-one relationship and give and ask for constant feedback.


Landscaping, hand scraping


Address: 1101 Belgrave Pl, Charlotte, NC 28203
(704) 626-6225


“With this service and the entire team, you are in good hands. For one person, the team is professional, conscious and does a nice job. We had both our front and back yards ready and we couldn’t be happier. The project was completed on time and on budget and far exceeded my expectations. “- Denise D.

EcoGreen landscaping

EcoGreen landscapingEcoGreen landscaping. Source: Screenshot from www.ecogreen-landscaping.com

EcoGreen landscaping strives to improve its product and service in order to better serve its customers. Whether you are looking for a lawn care specialist, need a custom lawn care program, or want to freshen up your landscaping, EcoGreen is able to meet all of your landscaping needs. Its mission is to provide high quality, bespoke solutions for all of your landscaping needs.


Weekly maintenance, lawn care programs, tree and shrub care, mulching and pine needles, plant design and installation, walkways and patios, retaining walls and fences, irrigation and lighting


Phone: (704) 774-9473


“Before we worked with Paul, our garden had become a source of frustration and disgust. We were referred to EcoGreen Landscape and they had a plan. Paul’s team expanded our terrace and turned our garden into a space where our family now spends most of the weekends. The experience was painless (which seems unusual for projects like this) and the results of Paul’s work have been a great blessing to our family. We’d love to use them again for any project. “- Jared O.

Stewart’s landscaping

Stewart's landscapingStewart’s landscaping. Source: Screenshot from www.stewartslandscaping.net

Stewart’s landscaping is an experienced, high quality hardscape and landscaping company that specializes in working one-on-one with homeowners to meet the needs of their outdoor living environment. Their landscapers have years of experience and strive to get the most out of custom landscaping designs and installations in Charlotte, NC and beyond.

Stewart’s landscaping offers a full range of hardscape and landscaping options. They install paving stones and reinforced concrete in all imaginable designs.


Patio & Walls, Brick Stoves & Fireplaces, Water Features & Spa, Custom Fire Pits, Planting Areas, Paving Slabs, Upper Decks, Retaining Wall


Address: 1408 Edgewater Dr, Charlotte, NC 28210
(704) 363-8774


“They covered our porch with PA Bluestone. It looks fantastic! Add that they finished in a weekend. Thumbs up. “- Corey M.

Genesis Landscaping Contracting & Design

Genesis Landscaping Contracting & DesignGenesis Landscaping Contracting & Design. Source: Screenshot from www.genesislandscapeinc.com

Genesis Landscaping Contracting & Design offers complete landscape design and installation services from their award-winning team at Genesis Landscape, Contracting & Design in Charlotte, NC. Fully certified in landscaping, irrigation, drainage systems and pesticide applications, they ensure that any services you have requested are performed correctly and safely. They pride themselves on delivering every landscaping service you will ever need.

Using high-quality materials and practiced techniques, your team will help your lawn reach its full potential. At Genesis Landscape, Contracting & Design, they know how difficult it can be to implement a new landscape design without guidance or assistance.


Landscaping and advice, water drainage systems, hand scraping, retaining walls, paving stones, patios and fire pits, watering, sowing, fertilizing and installing sod


Address: 4500 Hobbs Hill Dr, Charlotte, NC 28215
(704) 536-6992


“My garden was a mess! It was extremely bumpy, spotty and we constantly had a ton of stagnant water problem! Jeff came in and worked his magic in 1 day! He regraded and sowed the yard. Last night we had our first storm and we have no standing water! I can only recommend Genesis Landscaping! “- Megan J.


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