43 Haas garage doors installed at the Airstream manufacturing facility

WAUSEON – Due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions, recreational vehicle, caravan and coach sales have skyrocketed in 2020.

According to the report, “Growing Camping Amid COVID-19: An Update For Fall 2020,” 56 percent of vacationers consider camping the safest way to travel. That’s good news for manufacturers like Airstream.

With demand constant over the years, Airstream was already preparing for further growth in 2019 before the coronavirus appeared. At this point, the company began adding a new facility to its Jackson Center manufacturing facility to manufacture “Silver Bullet” campers. The new structure has 684,000 square meters. That’s the size of almost 12 soccer fields.

“This project was so big that we split it into three phases,” said Mark P. Beckman, director of manufacturing engineering and equipment at Airstream. “We have 43 Haas outdoor garage doors and nine indoor garage doors in this new facility.”

This is not the first time Airstream has selected Haas Door products for a large project. Beckman estimates there are at least 30 other Haas garage doors on the 1.3 million square foot Airstream complex in Ohio. The massive operation includes 12 buildings on an area of ​​approximately 150 hectares.

“Moeller Door & Window originally introduced us to Haas garage doors,” said Beckman. “We have a close relationship with Moeller and rely on them for both product recommendations and service.

“At Airstream, we use doors hard. We have had other garage doors in the past that have had problems. We have never seen these problems with Haas garage doors.

“Dropping a garage door for us is a major inconvenience at best. in the worst case, production can actually be stopped. That’s why reliability is a big thing for us. “

The Moeller Door & Window team values ​​the relationship with Airstream.

“We started the first phase of installation for this project in July 2019,” said Pat Moeller, owner of Moeller Door & Window near St. Henry.

According to Moeller, Airstream selected the Commercial 712 garage doors with V-groove wood grain and steel from Haas Door as well as a large number of CA320 all-glass garage doors for the factory expansion. Airstream relied on the recommendation of Moeller Door & Window based on past success and the durability of Haas Door products.

“They like the quality of the Commercial 712 garage door, the clean appearance, and the thick 26-gauge galvanized steel skin on these doors,” said Moeller. “We have already installed Haas Door products and Airstream really liked them. Based on this positive experience, they decided to go for Haas Door products again. “

Haas Door is located in Wauseon, where the company manufactures steel and aluminum garage doors for residential and commercial buildings. The family business is a member of the International Door Association and the Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association and manufactures products that are sold throughout North America. For more information on Haas Door, please visit www.HaasDoor.com.

Airstream installed Haas Door products at its Jackson Center facility.

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