4 Simple Ways To Create Extra Counter Space In Your Kitchen

If you keep your utensils in a container or your knives in a butcher block on your kitchen counter, you could free up space by hanging these items along your kitchen backsplash. Additionally, you could also hang other items like pots, spices, bakeware, platters and dishes, or other kitchen supplies, per Midwest Living. Hanging your items would allow you to use more vertical space in your kitchen, which could free up some counter space that was previously covered in various items.

New Hampshire Home says there are two main ways to do this: either add a horizontal hanging bar or a shelf to your kitchen backsplash. A magnetic horizontal bar could be used to hold things like utensils, spice jars, and knives. Or, you could hang items along a bar with hooks, which would be ideal for items like utensils, pots, and cutting boards that are manufactured with holes in their handles. A shelf would be best for those who want to display dishes, glasses, spices, or jars.

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