4 elegant floor trends for your bathroom

Bathrooms that move away from the useful zone have become the central point of relaxation in a living area, regardless of their size or size. Bathroom floors become crucial here because this aspect can do so much for the space.

Scroll through these 4 bathroom floor trends and pick your favorite!

Expensive stone

Tiny bathroom? No problem. This means a big budget for a small space. You can choose from the most expensive materials, an option that you cannot use in your other living spaces. For example Lavastone. Bought from the volcanic slopes of Italy and France, hardened lava gives the bathroom so much depth and is both waterproof and stable – also functional.

Innovative tiling patterns

There are three steps to this: First, you should opt for rectangular rather than square tiles. Second, the integration of 2-3 different colors of tiles (no more, no less). Finally, instead of the usual horizontal tiles, they are tiled at an angle.

The color combinations of these rectangular tiles and the choice of tiles are entirely up to you. Use unique lay patterns as they instantly lift the average bathroom into a slightly more versatile version.

Environmentally friendly floors

Sustainable architecture is in great demand. From using sustainable raw materials in miniature home accessories to putting bricks in giant architectural projects, eco-friendly home trends are rife.

It then only seems appropriate to use environmentally friendly materials for our bathroom floors. However, functionality does not need to be questioned as there are durable floor coverings that are also environmentally friendly!

Linoleum or cork are two such materials (both waterproof and durable) and are very different from each other. Integrate one of them in the wet area (shower) of your bathroom. The difference in texture versus stepping into the dry and wet areas of the bathroom will translate into one neat blow.

Solid prints

Solid printing offers a long-term solution for people who love lush prints (like large flowers or zebra crossings) but eventually get tired. It consists of your favorite print and a complementary shade.

Bring this simple design technique to your bathroom floors by pairing gorgeous printed tiles with neutral ones. This will enliven your bathroom while keeping it grounded at the same time.


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