3 easy ways to protect your home against pests

Nothing can ruin the sanctity of your home like a pest infestation. Whether you are concerned about mice, rats, birds, bats, snakes, or foxes, pest control for your home should be your top priority. Pest infestation in your home can be quite a costly proposition, which makes it more beneficial just to prevent pests from entering your home in the first place. Read on to learn about three simple ways you can protect your home against pests.

Seal your home

The easiest way to completely protect your home against pests for pest control, mice, and virtually any other pest animal is to seal your home. To begin this process, you should first examine the outside of your home. The main place to look for problems is along your roof. Use caution when checking the gutters, attic, soffit, and fascia of your home as birds, rodents, and bats will invade through these spots. Next, you can work your way down and around your home, paying extra attention to the foundation. If you find holes or tears, be sure to secure them with an all-weather sealant, aluminum foil, or similar material.

Once the outside is sealed, the inside must be given the same treatment. Be especially careful when inspecting the inside of your home from top to bottom. When doing this, pay special attention to the attic, baseboards, and any areas where your equipment meets the outside. A good pest control tip is to make sure the smoke outlet in your chimney is closed. Pay special attention to the attic, and make sure it is completely sealed on the outside as this is a very bad place to get animals.

Clean up your yard

It could be a shocking fact that most house pest infestations actually start with the animals being drawn onto your property from some aspect of your yard. Some farms offer simple sources of food. Some courtyards offer excellent protection and child-rearing areas. Some shipyards actually offer both. If you want to keep foxes, rodents, and other pests off your property, then you need to tidy up your yard. Secure any pet food or trash that is left outside. Always make a habit of collecting fallen fruit from fruit trees. Be sure to remove any debris, piles of wood, or tall grass or weeds in your yard. By simply getting rid of these attractants, you can effectively neutralize the attractiveness of your yard to most pesky animals.

Repellants / traps

While they are commonly said to be ineffective, pest-repellent fragrances, baits, and powders can sometimes be effective depending on the product and brand. Once you’ve found a product that definitely works well, use it as it will repel pest animals from home. If you want to try something a little more natural, you should familiarize yourself with essential oils. Peppermint, spearmint, and a variety of other essential oils are widely known to repel all types of pest animals, but especially mice and rats. If you want to fend off more animals, you should mix in capsaicin or hot peppers as this can fend off all types of living things. Simply apply these oils, or a mixture of oils and water, to potential problem areas.

Traps may not do anything to protect your home from pests, but often even the safest homes still have pests. In this case, it is very important to have a backup plan. Traps, whether they’re cage traps, snap traps, or glue traps, provide a great backup defense for your home’s pest control strategy. Virtually every trap on the market can be a great addition to your home’s pest control arsenal.

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