27 degrees will bring “behind closed doors” to East London

After a sold-out run in April, the immersive theater collective 27 Grad returns to the streets of East London with their interactive theater adventure specially designed for Lockdown. Behind closed doors, the audience leads through a labyrinth of stories that can be discovered through mobile sound design, miniature art installations and live performances behind house windows.

Behind closed doors, an individual outdoor experience can be reached by mobile phone. Inspired by adventure books of their own choosing, this interactive audio show invites audiences to explore the iconic streets of Spitalfields and discover stories inspired by neighborhood life. From weird to tragic, romantic to absurd, stories explore themes of intimacy, how neighborhood stories are connected, and how perceptions of strangers can define us. The project combines many genres, from romances to ghost stories, social realism or political fiction. Visitors are invited to use their own phones and headphones to access a mobile website and follow directions outside local homes. In each place, they can hear the story of the residents of the house, watch them through the window, and then are invited to choose another path that will lead them to other stories.This individual outdoor show was specially developed for the time of the Covid-19 pandemic and is intended to create exciting opportunities to deal with the theater despite social distancing. The experience combines sound design, mobile technology, video, miniature art installations and live performances behind house windows.

• Script, direction, set design and production by: 27 Degrees: Chusi Amoros, Marie Klimis and Dajana Trtanj: www.27degrees.org
• Original music and sound design by: Nicola Tchang: www.nicolatchang.com
• Installation design by: Baśka Wesołowska: baskawesolowska.com
• Animation design: Jorge Rojo: www.rojoanimation.com
• Speakers: David Bonnick Jr, Richard Evans-Thomas, Jessie-Lu Flynn, Simon Rivers, Constanza Ruff, Annabelle Whitehead
• Live Performers: Full casting information will follow shortly
• Supported by: Arts Council England, Harrow Arts Center

More information is available at www.27degrees.org/behindcloseddoors.

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