25 beautiful tile floor ideas for living room, kitchen and bathroom designs

Some tile designs are so beautiful that they need to be exhibited and what’s better than the floor space. Creating a tile centerpiece on your room floor could be a risky idea, but if done right it can make your interior absolutely unique. With this selection, we wanted to introduce some of the newest, most exquisite and beautiful ideas for tile flooring. Some of the designs we have selected are fascinating, but all of them are definitely admirable. Read on for inspiration and interior design.

Floral motif tile

Here is a very creative idea for your bathroom floor – a printed floral motif tile. It’s like a walk in the field of flowers. This is Candela, one of the most beautiful tile designs in the Peronda museum range.

Candela by Peronda is not an ordinary, but a glazed porcelain tile and a fascinating design that was inspired by a printed fabric by the fashion designer Juan Vidal, who in turn was inspired by Tiffany lamps.

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Unusual tile designs

Where there are flowers, there are butterflies … gray butterflies, which is actually quite unusual, especially for a flooring design. The tile comes from the Papillon collection of hand-painted ceramic tiles by New York designer Ruben Toledo for Ceramica Bardelli.


A porcelain stoneware floor (below) from the Selection Floor collection by Ceramiche Supergres.


Tiles with unusual, carpet-inspired decorative patterns are used all over the floor space of a living room.

Porcelain-Floor Tiles-Living Room-Ceramiche-Supergres.jpg

Aged look tiled floor

This ceramic tile (below) with a rustic, aged look comes from the D’Autore Collection by Eco Ceramica.


The tile also comes in an unusual geometric patterned design.


Here is the 14th century inspired idea. The Maestri Ceramisti tile series by Eco Ceramica (below) is inspired by the “mysterious fascination of the floors in the Palace of Avignon”, the French residence of the Pope at the time. Available in ten colors and with many ornaments that can be combined to create a unique and beautiful floor in any room.


Hand-painted patchwork tiles with a subtle floral motif and an aged look (below) on a bathroom floor from the Rinascimento collection by Eco Ceramica.

Floor tiles-floral-motif-renaissance-eco-ceramics.jpg
Floor tiles-floral-motif-renaissance-eco-ceramics-1.jpg

Vintage look tile

Below is a tile sample from the patterned series La Ceramica d’Eccellenza by Eco Ceramica. Could be great for artistic vintage or bohemian style ideas.


Suitable for a vintage style living room or bathroom, this patchwork tile design (below) has an old look. It comes from the Le Civilta collection by Eco Ceramica.


Below is another tile idea for a vintage bathroom with floral patchwork patterns from the La Sete Preziose collection – light purple hues for a calm interior design.


A design idea for floor tiles with a fashionable, modern patchwork mix (below) from the Colori Naturali New collection.


Victorian motif tiles

An elegant bathroom floor decoration (below) made of striking blue tiles, hand-painted with motifs in Victorian style – Minoo by Marcel Wanders. The Minoo series consists of 5 different patchwork patterns, each available in 8 colors.


A living room floor (below) made of ceramic tiles in a Victorian look from the Ornamenti collection by Eco Ceramica.

Living room-flooring-victorian-look-ceramic-tiles-eco-ceramics.jpg

Miniature tile

A beautiful floor design made with the tiny tile mosaic from Eco Ceramica.


Decorative ceramic tile rugs

Admire your luxurious living room floor with a decorative tile carpet made of porcelain tiles from the Auris collection by Peronda.


A tile carpet with a vintage character, decorated with majolica patterns from the Base porcelain tile series by Fap Ceramiche.


Hexagonal tile ideas

The hexagonal tiles allow you to design some unique flooring.
Below you will find a beautiful, modern hexagonal tile on a bathroom floor in bluish colors with an additional Mediterranean pattern mix from the Lucia collection by Verso25.


These wonderful tile ideas come from the hexagonal tile collection Argila Origine by Peronda and include two single-color tile designs and four decors with relief patterns in shades of blue or brown. Would be perfect for a country room decoration.


Below is a rustic flooring design with hexagonal tiles from the Palatium collection by Eco Ceramica.


An unusual hexagonal floor tile design with a more classic motif from the La Galleria collection.


Stone look tile

An amazing living room floor made of petrified stone-look ceramic tiles from the Fosil collection by NG Kutahya Seramik.

Living room-Flooring-Tiles-Stone-Look-Fosil-ng-Kutahya.jpg

A terracotta effect floor tile from the Terre Nuove collection by Ceramica Sant’Agostino, made with an innovative digital inkjet printing system. The perfectly reproduced natural variations of handcrafted cotto, a traditional Italian tile material, make this stunning, aged look possible – see the kitchen picture below.


Below is the ceramic tile with terracotta effect on a heavily frequented floor.


A terracotta tile bathroom floor and walls from the same Terre Nuove collection (2 pictures below).


Wood look tile designs

Below is a bedroom floor made of tiles in wood look with additional decorative elements from the French Woods porcelain collection by Iris Ceramica.


The most amazing petrified wood look tile below is from the Oregon Tile and Marble Kauri collection on a living room floor.

petrified wood-look floor tile-kauri.jpg

Concrete look tile idea

A bathroom floor made of concrete tiles with decorative floral motif inserts from the Seaside porcelain collection by La Fabbrica.


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