2023 homeowner must-haves: Comfort-Air Engineering & Primo Plumbing offers cutting-edge air conditioning and plumbing items

For homeowners in the San Antonio area looking to level up their homes, Comfort-Air has a range of innovative items to improve indoor air quality, create a custom home scent, and access HVAC and plumbing systems via an app for peace of mind.

In the plumbing category, Primo Plumbing is offering two innovative products to kick off 2023:

The Drop Home Protection Valve System

The Drop System offers an innovative solution for those looking to have security, even away from home. The system is a home protection valve for the home that helps prevent damage from leaks or other water issues. The valve is installed into the home plumbing system and is connected to the Drop Connect App.

How it works: The valve is designed to sense when the water pressure in a home reaches a certain threshold and immediately shut off the water supply, preventing further damage from occurring.

The system will then send a notification to the owner’s phone. For homeowners who travel often or have ever returned to a flooded mess due to a system leak, The Drop System could save thousands of dollars in repairs.

In addition to offering the ability to digitally evaluate all the plumbing in a home, The Drop System is customizable. Clients can add water softeners and other add-ons and customizations, which can be adjusted to the size and needs of the home. The price fluctuates depending on client preferences.

Generic Backup Generator

The final product the plumbing department is proud to offer in 2023 is the Generac whole-house backup generator. Investing in this intelligent machine could help homeowners mitigate power outages due to storms, climate issues, or malfunctions in the home’s main power source.

Backup generators have been in the business for years, but Comfort Air Engineering & Primo Plumbing company has started offering them as a standard practice after Winter Storm in 2021. At the storm’s peak, 155,238 energy customers out of the 473,000 in Texas were affected by outages .

How it works: The Generac 24kW generators are designed to run on gas or propane, which makes them an ideal choice for areas prone to power outages. The generators are installed outdoors, right next to the home, and can run for 24 hours at full load with a total run time of 400 hours. In addition, the generator is weather-resistant and will not be damaged by harsh temperatures or moisture.

In the event of a power outage, the generator will turn on automatically, and use the Generac app to notify the homeowner. In addition, the generator has a digital control panel and an LCD display that allows homeowners to monitor power usage and adjust it as needed.

The price for the Generac generators varies based on whether the machine runs on gas or propane.

In the HVAC category, Comfort Air Engineering is offering two innovative products to kick off 2023:


For those who are afflicted with allergies or struggle with asthma, the REME HALO® UV Light is a must-have for the home. REME HALO® is an in-duct air purification system designed to reduce odors, air pollutants, and volatile organic compounds in the air.

How it works: While air filters will catch things like dust and lint, the REME HALO® covers what the filter doesn’t: odors, allergens, and the elimination of bacteria and mold. This product utilizes a combination of technologies, including Germicidal UV light, hydro-peroxide, and a catalytic matrix to reduce the levels of airborne particles and contaminants.

The UV light also helps to keep air conditioning systems running more efficiently by reducing the need for frequent filter changes. This product can be installed in any existing HVAC system but is primarily used in homes or offices with 1-5-ton central HVAC systems and serves as a cost-effective solution to air quality issues.

HVAC Scenting Solution

The second offering for homeowner HVAC systems is a luxurious option called HVAC Scenting Solution, which is typically used in commercial spaces. Comfort Air Engineering is one of the first companies to bring this special technology to homeowners.

This product is one of the most exciting offerings for 2023 because it allows homeowners to make their homes into a personal paradise. Spas, hotels, and retail stores primarily used this product to make people feel a certain way or enhance a specific mood, but now it is available to all.

Now, clients who have ever wished their home could smell like a fresh ocean breeze or freshly squeezed citrus can use HVAC scenting to perfume a personal oasis.

How it works: The HVAC Scenting Solution is a small machine that plugs into the air handler and dispenses a unique scent throughout the whole house. Once plugged in, the machine can scent anywhere from 1,000-32,000 square feet.

The best part about this remarkable machine is that the scents are entirely customizable.

Director of Marketing Lina Rugova said she remembered working with a client who was using this product and said it smelled like heaven every time she walked inside.

“I looked around, and not many companies are installing the product,” she said. “Comfort Air is testing the marker of this product in the San Antonio area, and we’ll be offering a subscription where we can come back and replace [the scent] depending on the usage and customer’s preference.”

HVAC Scenting disperses scent directly through the ductwork of the HVAC system, meaning each room will receive equal amounts of the chosen scent. As far as the scents go, Rugova said the machine uses essential oils, so the smell is totally customizable. Customers can create their own unique scent and even determine the desired strength.

Because the diffuser connects directly to the HVAC system, the machine only uses a small amount of energy while dispersing the scent, making it a more economical and practical choice than candles and room sprays. Clients can also purchase a subscription to refill their desired scents right when needed, which allows this semi-permanent solution to work all year round.

These units come in different sizes and can scent up to 3,000 square feet.

In October 2022, Comfort-Air Engineering & Primo Plumbing expanded its service area north to reach farther residential customers along the I-35 corridor. For more information about any of these homeowner must-haves, the new service area, and other services the company offers, visit the website here.

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