2020 kitchen floor trends bring a few surprises

Homeowners have used the time they spent at home to make many of the internal changes they postponed in the past for lack of time. A favorite project is replacing the old kitchen floor.

There are many options for kitchen floors that are both beautiful, functional and durable. Installing a new kitchen floor is also a design investment in your home – one that will ultimately add to the value of your home.

According to realtor.com, kitchen flooring trends for 2020 include something for every budget and living style. The full list can be found at https://www.realtor.com/advice/home-improvement/top-flooring-trends-for-2020/. Here are just a few of your choices:

Wood-like porcelain tiles is beautiful and looks very realistic. They look like real wood, but they don’t have the same level of wear and tear or the risk of scratches. However, as a tile, there is always the possibility of a crack.

Wood from wood is a top choice for homeowners. It is strong and available in a variety of veneer finishes. Oak, mahogany, and ash are the most popular finishes because they are harder than other woods, which means they will last longer.

Colored concreteWhile it sounds like an unusual choice, it’s popular in homes that reflect modern, industrial, or minimalist designs. The concrete is usually mixed, poured and polished by hand. Because concrete stains penetrate deep into the concrete surface, they create a lightfast, permanent color. Unlike a paint or coating, the paint does not peel or peel off.

Waterproof vinyl plank floor outperforms laminate in the flooring industry. Like laminate, vinyl can have a wood look and is comparable in price, but it is more durable. This flooring typically consists of four layers of construction: an underlay, the core, the luxury vinyl top layer, and the wear layer. And since it is waterproof, it can be installed in kitchens and bathrooms.

Non-slip flooring is making an equally big boost as more and more people age in their existing homes. Other home improvement projects generally focus on safety, including laying non-slip floors in kitchens and bathrooms. Non-slip floors are often made from cheaper materials such as vinyl or linoleum, which makes the project an inexpensive one.

Whatever type of kitchen floor you choose, it should be one that you love, that you can live with, and that won’t break the bank. It will definitely make your home look better, cleaner, and more current. If you don’t know where to start, do an internet search. Also, contact a flooring / design professional for advice.

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