$2.8 million Indian Hill home sale among the week’s top property transfers

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Information provided by Hamilton County Auditor Dusty Rhodes.

Anderson Township

1163 Witt Rd: Das Priya & Hashi to Glener Gary M; $115,000

7349 Lawyer Rd: Howell Harrison Grant & Rochelle Renee Nardiello to Th Property Owner I LLC; $384,000

8 Cottage Ct: Alsept Grover R to Cravens Trisha; $64,900

847 Rosetree Ln: A P Hill Properties LLC to Kay Justin M & Bickley Monica L; $287,500


3819 Edge Hill Pl: Avm Investments Inc to Jkv Workforce 1 LLC; $90,000

3851 Vine St: Yaakubovich Yaniv to Vine 3851 LLC & 500kv Re Investments LLC; $155,000

Blue Ash

11219 Cornell Woods Dr: Malone James R & Bettina H to Fox Adam & Kathryn; $568,000

4434 Hunt Rd: Kishore Aravind & Rebekah Cotton to Kishore Aravind & Cotton Rebekah; $390,000

4434 Hunt Rd: Orourke Stephanie A & Innis O Iv to Kishore Aravind & Rebekah Cotton; $390,000

4546 Victor Ave: Td Premier Properties LLC to Safe Haven Properties LLC; $295,000

4930 Myrtle Ave: John Henry Homes Inc to Kang Joseph & Nara Yun; $740,471

5251 Bell Ave: Courtney Daniel R Tr to Tromblay Judith Marie; $270,000

8903 Summit Ave: Lenahan Dean T Tr to Comella John & Julie; $246,500

9481 Fallson Ct: Mckenna Joseph A Jr & Constance S to Mckenna Andrew J Jr & Haley E; $350,000

9740 Tiffany Hill Ct: Rogers William M III to Andreson Samanatha M & Keegan W; $555,000

Bond Hill

1224 Carolina Ave: Dominguez Bonifacio to King Steven T Jr & Vanessa; $204,000

Business District

26 Sixth St: Anstett Lynn E to Wilson Scott; $535,000


114 Sixty-fourth St: Hunter Robert C & Tammie L to Bank Of America N A; $44,858

206 Escalon St: Elias Yesica Orduna to Jkv Workforce I LLC; $123,500


880 Rue De La Paix: Habtyes Ketema to Labolt Terry; $96,000

Colerain Township

11913 Abbeytown Dr: Mi Homes Of Cincinnati LLC to Cecil Jonathan; $413,203

12009 Westerly Dr: Guan Xiaoqun to Lewis Timothy & Jennifer; $186,500

2527 Washington Ave: Holler Kathy D to Briskman Real Estate LLC; $75,400

2767 Brampton Dr: Burch Barbara E to Msr Residential 1 LLC; $80,000

2886 Compton Rd: Hatcher Ronald E Jr to Cureton Amber; $217,000

3418 Amberway Ct: Birkmeyer Chris & Emily to Pennyman Latoya; $135,000

3761 Hanley Rd: Binzer Rosemary V to Kreimer Sydney M & Jacob R Kaiser; $195,000

3788 Blue Rock Rd: Kitto Rebecca J & Ruff Travis D to Ruff Travis D; $84,000

5653 Old Blue Rock Rd: Mcdowell Sandra Kay to Paul Nyoka & Michel Paul; $135,000

6131 Springdale Rd: Wallpe Chris & Monica K Huff to Wallpe Chris; $6,000

6521 Springdale Rd: Evans Matthew L & Stacey L to Audretch Alex; $205,000

7761 Althaus Rd: Kihm Kenneth L Tr & Joseph D Kihm Tr to Wieland Jolie & Wieland Christopher; $150,000

8336 Coghill Ln: Donahoe Jean A to Stapleton Nicholas; $155,000

8669 Enchanted Wy: Glasshagel Mary M to Ankney Shane D & Ashley E; $239,900

8932 Renetta Dr: Beatty Karen L to Wicks Shannon N; $217,000

9121 Coogan Dr: Faust Melissa L to Bailey Kevin A & Tamika; $179,900

9166 Silva Dr: Gabrelski Michael J to Roblero Delon Uriel Edmundo &; $160,100

9421 Chagrin Wy: Stegmuller Todd J & Stephanie L to Geise Marlena N & Danielle; $305,000

9605 Ridgemoor Ave: Baker Philip M to Smith Alexandra M; $92,000

9800 Regatta Dr: Smith Carolyn S to Conley Chelsea L &; $152,500

9914 Crusader Dr: Qp-fk Properties LLC to Bush Avante; $198,000

Daybreak Dr: Fischer Single Family Homes Iv LLC to Mittal Sameer; $577,317

Merril Ct: Fischer Single Family Homes Iv LLC to Winnick Jason Joseph; $509,425

College Hill

5984 Capri Dr: Tran Thuy to Chaudhry Mahreen; $45,000

5986 Capri Dr: Tran Thuy to Chaudhry Mahreen; $45,000

5994 Capri Dr: Tran Thuy to Chaudhry Mahreen; $45,000

5998 Capri Dr: Tran Thuy to Chaudhry Mahreen; $45,000

6309 Meis Ave: Savannah Cbl LLC to Hill Alexis R; $191,000

Columbia Tusculum

3554 Handman Ave: Blackmore Meredith A & Peter M Griga to Stewart Emma M & Joshua S; $381,000

511 Delta Ave: Jpc Rental Properties LLC & Tenants First LLC to Burton Roger Todd & Leeann; $480,250

Crosby Township

10390 Crosby Rd: Hornback Balent Maureen E Tr to 10390 Crosby LLC; $170,000

Deer Park

3805 St Johns Te: Troxell Timothy F & Lisa M to Vonada Megan &; $229,000

7833 Plainfield Rd: Grimes Richard W & Linda J to A3t Capital Partners LLC; $147,000

Delhi Township

1006 Anderson Ferry Rd: Kroeger Michael P & Mykayla to Flax James A R; $152,500

219 Cloverhill Te: Dat Homes LLC to Heidi Melissa; $275,000

390 Viscount Dr: Maginn Keith A & Shannell Herbert to Maginn Keith A; $89,750

4291 Foley Rd: Burkhart Jeffrey J Tr to Asad Asad; $147,000

4298 Delryan Dr: Mistler William J to Correll Home Remodeling LLC; $130,000

4576 Herzog Pl: Blackhawk Propery Management LLC to Starr Minna; $229,000

4998 Mt Alverno Rd: Cadle Colleen N Tr to Maiga Mariam Saury & Tofana Ayouba; $185,000

5096 Foley Rd: English Kevin J & Kathleen E to Asad Musab & Ebba M Saad Aldin; $240,000

5103 Riverwatch Dr: Capozzolo Carmen & Anna M to Ba Moussa @3; $260,000

5400 Rapid Run Rd: Masminster Christopher E & Mary J to Antoine Hope Kylee & Govea Donaovan J; $170,000

5523 Timber Way Dr: Seifert Marie Laiveling to Clark Daniel J & Patricia A; $325,800

East Price Hill

1110 Wing St: We Said Yes to The Mess LLC to Morales Floricelda N & Sergio Soto Mejia; $133,000

543 Considine Ave: Cornist Benjamin to Ibbott Illya; $216,900

900 Enright Ave: Wuebbling Marion M to Perkins Jeannine; $117,500

East Walnut Hills

2356 Park Ave: Reineke Robert A & Brenda Beers- to Bamberger Aaron L; $245,000


1548 Blair Ave: Allen Katherine L & Mark A Lause to Brhany Temsgen & Ghebremedhin; $50,000

Forest Park

11269 Jason Dr: Mcginnis Joseph N & Cynthia D to Thomas Melvin & Charnee Walker; $312,000

11566 Lincolnshire Dr: Dillingham Evans C & Tracey R to Duran Michaela L & Duran Rodriquez Arturo; $280,000

1530 Karahill Dr: Hall Sharon R to Faye Ousmane & Mbayang Ndiaye; $244,000

Golf Manor

6126 Mayflower Ave: Tran Christina to Shipp Jessica Lynn &; $205,000

Green Township

1850 Sylved Ln: Mattar Joshua A & Stephanie L to Helmes Melissa A; $200,500

2949 Welge Ln: Schiering Taylor to Eckhoff Emily Corrin; $205,000

2954 North Bend Rd: Federle Vincent & Macora to Theriot April; $225,000

3147 Kleeman Rd: Mardin Ghada to Bloemker Faustin D &; $450,000

3241 Dickinson Rd: Bruening Michael J to Rojas Liliana; $75,000

3318 Emerald Lakes Dr: Cornelius Kristin R to Cornelius Chad; $136,000

3332 Parkhill Dr: Pastura Michael A Tr & Patricia A Tr to Wassler Robert F Tr & Deborah J Tr; $410,000

3780 Mack Ave: Robinson Steven J to Lawing Donald; $210,000

4212 Victorian Green Dr: Scharf Joyce J to Robe Tirsit A; $135,000

4425 Grove Ave: Merkel Sister Elaine Osf Tr to Sebastian Ezra Charles Sr; $182,000

5154 Leona Dr: Masterson Susan M to David Paige Burke &; $235,000

5669 Sprucewood Dr: Pringle Dale L & Kathleen A Correll to Cribbs John R; $265,000

5709 Scarborough Dr: Harrison Sondra & Noah to Schiering Taylor; $285,000

5741 Harrison Ave: Gmmb Properties LLC to Jets Properties LLC; $425,000

5767 Kroegermount Dr: Parker Calah I to Byndon II Stephen A; $240,000

5967 Bridgetown Rd: Csa Properties LLC to Bolia Alexander & Hanna; $242,000

7566 Bridge Point Dr: Giesken Chelsea A to Seger Scott Tr; $191,000

West Fork Rd: Sams Real Estate Business Trust to Cat North Bend LLC; $365,000


18 Deerhill Ln: Montgomery Ronald E to 18 Deerhill LLC; $145,000

72 Cromwell Rd: Hoh Llp to Friday Nathan & Mary K Wilburn; $249,000


117 Deerfield Dr: Loren Real Estate to Cole Mary A; $275,000

1248 Cavanaugh Ln: Nvr Inc to Garber Jason Mitchell; $329,900

1256 Cavanaugh Ln: Nvr Inc to Breen James William; $330,560

1280 Cavanaugh Ln: Nvr Inc to Kraft David W & Theresa; $356,210

1375 Springfield Dr: Nvr Inc to Annunziata Marina Karen & Schnipke Bobby; $441,040

398 Elaine Dr: Neuhaus Joan A to Fike Colin; $182,500

568 Deerfield Dr: Cook Steven & Deanna to Steele Makayla; $245,000


285 Kearney St: Smith Connie @3 to Russell Frederick M III; $55,000

Hyde Park

1325 Morten St: Harrison Travis R & Meredith to Westrich Timothy & Janet; $552,250

2444 Madison Rd: Slonaker Yvonne M to Lewis Linda S Tr; $300,000

3522 Vista Ave: Ort Cale W to Mason Thomas A Jr & Ayona Harasawa; $475,000

Indian Hill

5240 Miami Rd: Mrgr89 Living Trust to Thor Farms Ltd; $500,000

5600 Sugarun Ln: Alf Michael & Jackie to Mclane Timothy P &; $2,750,000

Kennedy Heights

3447 Kimberly Ct: Cohorst Meghan to Vu Michael D; $275,000

3625 Aikenside Ave: Schmidt Carrie to Panoushek Ryan A; $305,000

6672 Iris Ave: Hstf LLC to Barnes Allison Schoen & Joseph Creaghead; $365,000


3629 Russell Ave: Damon Russell to Ralston Jonathan & Ashley; $1,195,000


410 Dexter Ave: Small Olivia A to Stocksdale Addison Nicole; $158,000


166 Glen Lake Rd: Engel Joshua to Disbennett Alexandra; $400,000

179 Glen Lake Rd: Torrey Heather L to Coyan Conor & Alyxis; $350,000

500 Pintail Dr: Santangelo James R Tr to Moeggenberg Lucas & Johnson Luana; $298,000


Windridge Dr: Windridge Estates LLC to Mcsoley Joseph & Maria; $105,000


5518 Islington Ave: Markley Patricia A to Chaney Matthew & Monica; $353,000


6704 Miami Bluff Dr: Wilkes Margaret Ann Tr to Trout Sydney; $975,000

Miami Township

10501 Dugan Gap Rd: Rice Jesse to Mohammed Damian & Alexandra Harvey; $200,000

7705 Carnoustie Ct: Kma Westside Development Inc to Fischer Single Family Homes Iv LLC; $55,980

7947 Tall Timbers Dr: Lysaght Patricia Margaret to Schmidt Anthony Jr; $120,000

Buckridge Dr: Fischer Single Family Homes Iv LLC to Lyon Gabriel & Ashley; $634,036

Miami River Rd: Estes Ronald L & Kimberly Anne to Rw Engineering Service Inc; $450,000


10240 Montgomery Rd: Strasser Jill to Betz Trevor H; $371,000

Mount Adams

1123 Belvedere St: Friesz Carol L Tr to Idd Real Estate Ohio LLC; $260,000

1138 Fort View Pl: Schrand Jeff & Karri to Pescovitz Eric & Kelly Mahan; $1,140,000

Mount Airy

5616 Colerain Ave: Sfr3 000 LLC to Vasquez Elisandra Perez &; $84,000

Mount Auburn

132 Dorsey St: Avm Investments Inc to Evans Joel R; $60,000

1763 Sycamore St: Loiselle Kristin A & Devon Rich to Perrino Margaret Rose & Jason Harnish; $400,000

2014 Highland Ave: Hibiscus Pastures LLC to Erster Baustein Properties LLC; $229,000

Mount Healthy

1464 Hoffner St: Cordray Megan Tr to Hernandez Horachio; $35,000

1520 Madison Ave: Mueller Daniel J Ii to Threatt Arnesha; $194,500

7400 Maple Ave: Hosein Kelvin to Lundgren Carl Arvids & Elizabeth Monahan; $145,000

Mount Lookout

3572 Grandin Rd: Sapadin Gerald E to Hilbert Lisa & John; $187,500

Mount Washington

2330 Sussex Ave: Young Steven to Young Michael & Kelsey Biller; $160,000

5637 Eaglesridge Ln: Carroll Kyle Nathan & Clare Elizabeth Gumbleton to Boeh Lori M & Mark D; $252,003

6115 Glade Ave: Pfeffer Aaron S to Troutwine Jacob & David Dean; $220,000


7093 Monongahela Dr: Mccauley Steve J & Tamara L to Kern Jacob Edward & Betsy M; $189,900

Main St: Brewster LLC to Newtown 3435 LLC; $100,000

North Avondale

319 Mitchell Ave: Hausterling Development Group LLC to 605 Van Roberts LLC; $81,000

North College Hill

1590 Oak Knoll Dr: Vehr Timothy E & Pamela M to Oakknoll LLC; $250,000

1807 Emerson Ave: Sfr3-000 LLC to Ohilow Rentals LLC; $141,000

6812 Marvin Ave: Sfr3 060 LLC to Roberts Christine; $167,500

6910 Gloria Dr: Milano Edward to Walters Maurice T; $170,000

8351 Bobolink Dr: Crowder Shamir J to Kremer Cassie Lee & Tyler Devron Smith; $181,500

North Fairmount

1616 Baltimore Ave: North Fairmount Community Center to Little Keight Sr @3; $750

1642 Baltimore Ave: North Fairmount Community Center to Little Keith Sr @4; $1,500

1644 Baltimore Ave: North Fairmount Community Center to Little Keith Sr @4; $1,500

1848 Carll St: Oaks Property Group LLC to Jkv Workforce Owner LLC; $110,000

1848 Carll St: Oaks Property Group LLC to Jkv Workforce Owner LLC; $110,000

1848 Carll St: Walker Joyce A & Gary P to Oaks Property Group LLC; $65,000


1607 Robinson Cr: Musselman Connie to Neighborhood Enrichment LLC; $101,000

1617 Argyle Pl: Holden Matthew to Holden Maxwell Lawrence; $220,000

4327 Beech Hill Ave: Silander Ian Erik & Caroline Brooke Allen to Oconnell Christopher J & Kendra N Gulino; $273,000


2088 Ross Ave: 2088 Ross LLC to Clinn LLC; $165,000

2521 Melrose Ave: Kwiat Patrick & Caroline Pleasance to Bridges Gailen Wayne Iii; $394,650

4573 Smith Rd: Double Bogie Pro LLC to Jwk Investments LLC; $485,000

5314 Rolston Ave: England Terry T to Lowry Kelly D Tr & Julie M Lowry Tr; $201,000

5331 Hunter Ave: Larkins Ventures LLC to Bentley Thomas & Stephen J; $197,500


4201 Ballard Ave: Al-ubaidi Muthar R & Pia M to Equity Trust Company Custodian Fbo; $325,000

4509 Camberwell Rd: Chaney Matthew A to Duvall Adam J; $256,500


213 Kemp Al: Gruenbacher John to Browning William S & Deborah J; $722,000

Paddock Hills

4540 Bristol Ln: Zendejes Rodolfo to Mcadams Paul; $115,000

Pleasant Ridge

2095 Seymour Ave: Lerner Donald M Tr to Mcconnels Foods LLC; $599,000

6016 Mayflower Ave: Knight Granville to Brighter Finish Homes LLC; $82,000

6229 Girard Ave: Craighton Sarah Elizabeth to Wovrosh David & Hyland Kaitlan J; $236,000


125 Pearl St: Ksl Investment Properties Corp to Klkp Ventures LLC; $30,000

1262 Sanborn Ct: Wethington Hannah to Sorg Keagan & Amber Hollan; $222,000

1401 Jefferson Ave: Hall Dawn M & Jason Pruden to Ergon Capital LLC; $88,000

1557 Sanborn Dr: Cox Timmy A to Cook Jason; $241,000

223 Clark Rd: Hilton Michael R & Jennifer C to Martinez Emilio R Angeles; $55,000

801 Bunny Ct: Vance Jonathan L to Griffis Aaron L; $135,000

Pearl St: Ksl Investment Properties Corp to Klkp Ventures LLC; $30,000


1604 Miramar Ct: Avm Investments Inc to Vb One LLC; $125,200

7107 Eastlawn Dr: 242 Housing LLC to Giles William; $249,000


10908 Fernhill Dr: Sfr3 040 LLC to Singley Austin Patrick; $215,200

11687 Lebanon Rd: Milar Lebanon LLC to 2j9k Partners LLC; $2,450,000


3827 Thornton Dr: Davidson Donna M to Burwell Melissa S; $310,000

3947 Holman Cr: A & R House 2 Home LLC to Ryan Paige Marie & Esteban Ramirez; $292,500

Fordham Pl: Kt Builders LLC to Yensel Michelle; $390,000

South Fairmount

2318 Quebec Rd: Hsu Ping to Blackfoot Properties LLC; $60,000

2322 Quebec Rd: Hsu Ping to Blackfoot Properties LLC; $25,000


1012 Ledro St: Lopez Luis Mendoza to Roblero Mayreny Gonzalez; $220,000

Springfield Township

10189 Winstead Ln: New Home LLC to Moon Mitchell Carson & Hope Elizabeth; $430,000

10586 Morning Glory Ln: Nahar Properties LLC to Th Property Owner 1 LLC; $168,000

1579 Meredith Dr: Fitzwater Sean P to Broughton Destiny; $58,000

1644 Newbrook Dr: Noel David A to Young James Eugene III & Cheyenne; $170,000

1733 Welch Ln: Cristo Homes Inc to Tsasa Eugene Nzau & Watu Ngabu; $378,610

1918 Windmill Wy: Dewalt Desirae A to Weingartner Jeffrey T; $150,000

2058 Arrowood Pl: Lawson Ellen M to Hatcher Ronald Eugene Jr & Patricia; $204,000

615 Marview Te: Lipez Steven D & Scott C Lipez to Gibboney Michael Robert Jr & Jill Renee; $272,000

753 North Bend Rd: Hurst Terry Lee to Gammarino Al Tr; $28,000

8308 Marley St: Izquierdo Rene & Teresa De Jesus Alfaro – to Davis Michael Jr & Sedatrius; $179,000

865 North Hill Ln: Holland Julius W to Clarke Martin Jr; $118,000

9186 Ranchill Dr: Woodall Dale L Tr & Lois E Tr to Stevenson Blake & Misty; $148,000

9286 Bridgecreek Dr: Kellerman Raymond C to Schleibaum Brandon & Robert J Jr; $225,000

969 Butterfly Ct: Washington Nicholas M & Ciara G to Gandenberger Katherine Ellen &; $221,000

St. Bernard

4810 Chalet Dr: Dunn Joell Tr to Fqt Properties LLC; $67,000

4901 Chalet Dr: Grubbs Gerald to Morrell Leo Jr; $61,500

Sycamore Township

12168 Sixth Ave: Dillion Patrick to Moksin Simon; $85,400

3772 Belfast Ave: Martin Hannah Marie to Palmer Joseph E; $240,000

7381 Timberknoll Dr: Hardiman Ann L to Jordan Mark W Tr; $525,500

8183 Kemper Rd: Smith Michael to Smith Shannon N & Michael S; $243,000

8557 Deerway Dr: Ramjee Anju & Balasubramani to Riva Francis Archie A &; $575,000

West Price Hill

1122 Wendover Ct: Meagher Phillip R & Susan to Lopez Mejia Romelia & Bamaca Julio Diaz; $80,200

1131 Woody Ln: Miller Chistopher Frank to Dilley Christina; $155,000

1222 Quebec Rd: Sfr3 040 LLC to Cincy Property Care LLC; $59,300

4291 Foley Rd: Burkhart Jeffrey J Tr to Asad Asad; $147,000

4533 Carnation Ave: Pierce Kay E to Chao Davy; $150,000

4915 Western Hills Ave: Sfr3-000 LLC to Perez Edgar M Bamaca &; $88,000


2828 Ruberg Ave: B&o Horizon Properties LLC C/o Realiant Property Management to Cohen Zion; $78,000

3248 Koenig Ave: Claudon Geraldine to Metz Douglas T & Luann Wise Metz; $194,900

3265 Broadwell Ave: Thomas Valora to Goldstein Jessica; $74,000

3380 Treasure Ct: Hardy Property Holdings LLC to Vaughn Judith A; $204,900

Whitewater Township

11050 Bond Rd: Maxey Elizabeth to Schneider Jason; $43,000

Buena Vista Dr: Delore Company Inc to Werbrich’s Property LLC; $325,000

Harrison Ave: Delore Company Inc to Werbrich’s Property LLC; $325,000


Information provided by Christine Charlson.


11107 Dairybarn Lane: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Frances and Eric Carter; $299,500

11111 Dairybarn Lane: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Bonita and Robert Smith; $309,500

1187 Wildflower Court: Jamie and Steve Allen to Tracey Coffey; $398,000

15 Trapp Court: Walter Gibler to Jessica Mays and Janet Mayes; $260,000

730 Yorkshire Drive, unit 21-305: Fischer Attached Homes III, LLC to Adiana Fernandez; $182,000

7593 Devonshire Drive, unit 28-204: Fischer Attached Homes III, LLC to Nancy Goelz; $386,500

7595 Devonshire Drive, unit 28-304: Fischer Attached Homes III, LLC to Shelly Eagleson; $329,500

869 Smith Road: Branden Cummins to Joseph Engleman; $222,000

957 Willow Creek Drive: Natalie and Landon Webster to Howard Baxter III; $300,000


170 Bellepointe Commons, unit 17: Britt Langman and Eric Casey to Joseph Cossins; $140,000

218 Washington Ave.: Bellevue Land, LLC to Niki and Robert Howard; $370,000

519 Grandview Ave.: Anna and Joseph Wright to Mary Kitzmiller and Jacob Runge; $331,000

625 8th Ave.: Joyce Fletcher to Fowlercalf, LLC; $55,000


103 Short St.: Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Ronald Marcum; $69,000

199 Kenton St.: Jennifer Lemker to James Haubner; $190,000


2300 Medlock Lane: Anna Buechel to Jennifer and Chris Padgett; $149,500

2422 Millstream Lane: Ivan Valdes to Regina Jackson and James Craven; $285,000

2472 Venetian Way: Alton Cummins to Devon Stamer; $245,000

3656 Brents Way: Nicole Peace to Sara Di Lillo and Andrew Cox; $375,000

Cold Spring

2474 Altura Drive: CL Acquisition, LLC to Mary Heil; $150,000


10101 Marshall Road: John Barwell to Ashley and Evan Rouse; $440,000

106 Winding Way, unit I: Tracy and Wayne Moore and Brian Moore to Devin Campos; $175,500

1096 W. 33rd St.: Deborah and Edwin Weeks to Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO Cheryl Amann IRA; $130,000

1193 Grays Peak, unit 11: 1193 Grays Peak, LLC to Charity and John Kirtley II; $605,000

129 W. 31st St.: Sandra and Joseph Speakes to Aaron O’Hara; $235,000

1505 Woodburn Ave.: LionKat, LLC to William Tepe; $190,000

2316 Amici Drive: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Diann Miracle, Dale and Michael Miracle; $605,500

2356 Bella Ridge: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Karen Bahl; $339,500

2709 Indiana Ave.: Marisa Mora and Arturo Garcia to Christie Karlson; $173,500

3 Wallace Ave.: Nicole Moran and Michael Spooner to Samuel Mumford; $275,000

3106 Beech Ave.: Sharon and Tony Burkhart to Kevin Shields; $82,000

338 Trevor St.: Bobbie and Richard Bias to Jose Jasso; $75,000

3825 Huntington Ave.: Patricia and Dennis Bush to Siena and Scott Villeneuve; $150,000

3864 Circollo Drive: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Arijana Rizvic and Timothy Moore; $488,000

413 W. 8th St.: Structures 121, LLC to Jesssica Collins; $405,000

4532 Kidwell Lane: Clear Sight Construction, LLC to Isabelle Wilson and Marcus Born; $329,500

612 Altamont Road: Stanton Homes, LLC to Allison Greensfelder; $198,000

6286 Taylor Mill Road: Collen Snell to Kerri and Adam Rossi; $115,000

706 E. 21st St.: Bethany and Jason Monahan to Mackenzie Manning and James Gadd; $212,000

816 Scott St.: Brickhouse Industries, LLC to Joel Schneider; $175,000

861 Crescent Ave.: Darren Mullins to Christine Rees; $108,500

910 W. 35th St.: Safeguard Management, LLC to Joe Bramlage; $80,000

930-032 Leonard St.: AVM Investments, Inc. to Mecto, LLC; $60,000

Crescent Springs

1904 Amsterdam Road: Margaret and P.L. Jones to Michael Marshall; $178,000

2105 Clarglen Court, unit 203: Suzanne and Robert Huff and Mara and Tyler Huff to Kimberly Stanfield; $193,000

Crestview Hills

292 Secretariat Court: Thomas Dougherty to Mary Joyce; $180,000

2920 Campus Drive: Linda Hirsch to Maria and Joseph Zwick; $325,000


910 Ervin Terrace: Allison Newton to Jade Colwell; $189,000


3067 Arbor Drive: Kathleen and Steven Deatherage to Constance Conlon and Gary Scalf; $332,000

3458 Meadowlark Drive: Dawn and Cory Conner to Nicole Christenson; $236,000

59 Dudley Road: Judith Eubank to Amanda and Jay Mersfelder; $160,000

665 Braddock Court: Mary and Christopher Heeb to Corinne and Marc Schuler; $538,500


1555 Clovernook Drive: Teany Herrera and Darwin Orsini-Carrero to Nicholas Morris; $210,000

712 Bedinger St.: Mark Arnold to Alexander Traywick and Kyle Melton; $188,000


1205 Mesa Drive: Melanie Giusti to Faith and John Price; $315,000

3157 Losey St.: Molly Rand and Owen Bohman to Jacob Rabe; $180,000

504 Hallam Ave.: SFR3-080, LLC to Lisa Wedig; $181,000

616 Perimeter Drive: Layla Meadows and Rob Lorton to Allison Bihl and Ryan Bihl; $202,000


10557, 10533 Gunpowder Road: Rana Lucas to Jennifer Dute; $350,000

1200 Beeman Lane: Linda Marsh to Jamie and Steven Allen; $410,000

1396 Taramore Drive, unit 103: Lisa Decker to Raissa Esteves and Luan Machado; $152,000

1444 Taramore Drive, unit 203: Carla Wessels and Ana Villares to Shirley Potter; $275,000

1526 Butler Court, unit 204: Debra and David Benzing to George Sailba; $285,000

1570 Eaglewood Place: Audrey Tolbert to Christina and Mohamed Sow; $177,000

16 Barnwood Court: Tamara and Lawrence Heacock to Cerouty Sueko; $320,000

30 Rio Grande Circle, unit 3: Kathleen Starnes to Kelly and Zachary Ranko; $130,000

6228 Singletree Lane: Carol Duncan, Rebecca and Curtis Tarvin and Donna and Gregory Tarvin to Juanita and Ray Spangler; $225,000

6364 Deermeade Drive: Juliana Utz to Steven Frasure; $300,000

724 Brittany Trail: Jeneva Hanser to Sheila and Steven Callen; $425,000

7313 Dixie Highway: U.S. Bank to Banklick Real Estate Holdings, LLC; $121,000

8396 Juniper Lane: Andrew Rollins to MDDS, LLC; $152,000

Fort Mitchell

108 Pleasant Ridge Ave.: Kristopher Heidrich to Laura and Brandon Adkins; $155,000

910 Kyles Lane: Fifth Third Bank National Association to Rivera Rentals, LLC; $100,000

Fort Thomas

117 Forest Ave.: Stephanie and John Griffith to Edith and Jeffrey Parsons; $338,000

117 Hartweg Ave.: Michelle Madden to Kelly and Andrew Metz; $335,000

137 Garden Way: Martha Small to Lori and Ronald Rosel; $270,000

390 Chesapeake Ave.: Laura and Brian Hess to Laura and Spencer Morgan; $459,000

62 Rossmore Ave.: Maribeth and Jeffrey Secrist to Melissa and Michael Rossini; $235,000


2101 Petersburg Road: Cheri Thomas to Peter Bendorf; $213,000

2325 John James Court: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Cong Minh Lu and Anh Thi Tran; $330,500

982 Surfrider Drive: Barbara Farnsworth to Jocelyn Zola and Butembo Kabuya; $298,000

Highland Heights

1914 Taylor Ave.: CRTV Home Buyers, LLC to Paul Birkenhauer; $70,000

1971 Taylor Ave.: Alexis Matt and Adam Morgan to Alec Hall; $147,000

2311 Wilson Road: Jasmyn Noble to Andrew Young and Dwayne Marcum; $229,000


10380 Chambersburg Drive: Tina and Justin Thompson to Kaitlyn and Caleb Dicken; $250,000

10561 Elderberry Lane: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Wana Pierre; $360,000

10742 Lakefront Circle: Kathleen and Donald Kiely Jr. to Linda Staten; $193,000

10864 Griststone Circle: Rick Prather to Sherry Prim and Jimmy Rider; $485,000

1180 Fawnwood Drive: Arlinghaus Builders, LLC to Adel Toric; $358,000

11988 Blue Ash Lane: Arlinghaus Builders, LLC to Christine and Matthew Ferrucci; $354,500

1435 Rosewynn Way: The Drees Company to Tiffany Neal; $450,000

3609 Lipscomb Road: Phyllis Hammons to Simon Aranda and Matthew Infante; $275,000

626 Hofgrefe Road: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Jennifer and Curtis Jett; $311,000

672 Hogrefe Road: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Abigail and Tristan Thomas; $370,000

683 Sycamore Drive: Patricia and William Stahl to Matthew Wolfe; $218,000

Lakeside Park

2705 Dixie Highway: Kathleen and Henry Wise to Victoria and Michael Campbell; $860,000


219-221 Elm St.: Judy and Sammy Spears to Elzabeth and Robert Lyon; $330,000


1017 York St.: Shiqmah Properties, LLC to E4 Investing, LLC; $130,000

17 17th St.: Sherry and Stephen Rawe to Monica Allahverdian and Robert Derbarsegian; $62,500

70 Creekwood Drive: Linda and Shane Moore to Kaitlyn Selby and Ronald Vandermolen II; $142,500

824 Ann St.: Newport Millenium Housing Corporation III to Mariah and Jeremy McCullah; $165,000

944 York St.: Triad Holdings, LLC to Kimberly Umhoefer and John Major; $266,000

Park Hills

1154 Breckinridge Road: Mary Snarski to Brie and Nenad Kalapasev; $430,000


5265 Whitton Road: The Drees Company to Arielle and Jay Royer; $1,433,500


258 Ridgeway Ave.: Ann and Martin Schultz to John Weber; $300,000

Taylor Mill

3256 McCowan Drive: Kimberlee Pedigo to Wearhaus Properties, LLC; $200,000

5252 Cotton Mill Court: Kelly and Brook Reeves to Patricia and Nathan Turner; $305,000

815 Crocus Lane: Patricia and David Baker to Carrie and James Schanepel; $350,000


10108 Lucille Lane: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Meenakshi Gupta; $289,000

10188 Lucille Lane: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Catherine and Joseph Musgrave; $252,000

1259 Whimsical Way: Vicky Oakley to N.P. Dodge Jr.; $425,000

2252 Waterway Place: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Maria and Joseph Ackerson; $404,500

4631 Donegal Ave.: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Riccy Perdomo and Rony Domingo; $451,000

7130 Desmond Lane: Arlinghaus Builders, LLC to Jennifer and Kellen Wirth; $331,500

909 Caitlin Drive: Susan and Charles Timilty to Patricia Julien and Ephese Moise; $675,000

9564 Soaring Breezes, unit 8: Patricia and John Baker to Barbara and Larry Stacy and Phillip Anderson; $360,000

Villa Hills

2790 Shellbark Circle: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Karli Ward and Nicholas Khan; $650,000

2802 Shellbark Circle: The Drees Company to Julie Schletker and Michael Carlisle; $790,000

2814 Shellbark Circle: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Stephanie and Aaron Tenefelde; $617,000


12044 Woodwind Lane: Linda and James Goetz to Katherine and Alex Trent; $444,000

12174 Old Lexington Pike: Sherry and Corbett Smith II to Kathleen and Adrian Flores; $193,000

12324 Gaines Way: Michell Burnett and Casel Burnett to Teresa Dellarosa; $555,000

124 Zinfandel Lane: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Kristine and Anthony Jent; $350,000

316 Franklin Ave.: Kevin Stetson to Melissa and Robert Hollon; $240,000

588 Moven Park Drive, unit 7F: The Drees Company to Mary Kennedy; $324,500

804 Crisp Court: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Alan Childs; $399,000


140 Three Mile Road: Nichole and Kevin Scott to Victoria Lekson and Luke Glaser; $426,000

50 Creekwood Drive, unit 10: Angela and Asa Bell Jr. to Mansi Thakar; $154,000

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