13 Low-Cost Solutions for an Ugly Lawn

As most homeowners can attest, there are always a few spots on your property that grass just won’t grow—perhaps because the area is too shady, or gets a lot of foot traffic. Shade coverage changes as trees mature, so if the grass under a tree’s canopy starts failing, one solution is to overseed it with a shade-tolerant grass. Another easy, low-cost idea is to replace the grass with a shade-tolerant ground cover. A favorite for tree understories is North American native coral bells (Heuchera).

Some grasses and ground covers don’t take kindly to foot traffic, so if grass between the driveway and front door (or back under that tree) pales in comparison to the rest of the lawn, consider replacing it with a steppable plant. White Irish moss (Sagina subulata) can form a dense mat or fill in between pavers or flagstone. Try this large pack of seeds, and water it well after sowing, then on your lawn’s schedule. Technically not a moss, the perennial can spread rapidly and is easy to control in USDA Zones 4 through 10, taking some sun and shade.

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Prices listed in this article are accurate as of August 4, 2022.


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