11 Call to action: roofer investigates

We have an update on a local roofer who is charged with theft. Our 11 Call for Action team learned that Nathan Hardage lost his license because he let it expire. That means he can no longer pull permits or work on houses in our area.

The regional construction department told 11 News Hardage that Aspen Peak Roofing’s license was revoked because it was letting it expire.

Hardage was in court Thursday on charges. 11 News court records say a customer paid nearly $ 5,000 to repair their roof, but the work was still ongoing.

We reached out to Hardage’s attorney again on Thursday and she told us they have no comment at this point.

His theft charge continued until the next month.

We will let you know what happens.

If you have a problem with a company, you can contact our Call for Action Volunteers at 719-457-8211.

A repair project has become a big problem.

“This whole event was definitely extremely stressful for our young family.”

Jeffrey Johnson’s home has been damaged since last summer’s hail storm. In November he signed a contract with Aspen Peaks Roofing.

“The insurance company gave us a check for $ 9,155 for the first payment and then a second payment of approximately $ 4,500. Fortunately, Aspen Peak Roofing only received the $ 9,155.”

Under the contract, Aspen Peak has until May 31st to complete the project. The contract also stipulates that work should start in January.

Johnson said that didn’t happen.

Call for Action Investigator Katie Pelton:

“Did you do any work?”

“No. You haven’t done any work.”

Johnson filed a police report with the Colorado Springs Police Department saying the roofing company never completed the work and supplies had not been turned over.

Another customer with a similar story also reached out to our Call For Action team.

“I had roof damage like many other people, so my friends referred me to Aspen Peak Roofing,” said Kayle Higinbotham.

Higinbotham signed an agreement in August for Aspen Peaks Roofing to repair their roof. She took photos of workers who had removed their clapboards last September.

“It came out, it tore off part of my roof, and I haven’t seen it since. So that’s almost seven months. We’ve had many, many phone calls and asked for letters from my lawyer and messages, and we have no answer.”

Higinbotham filed a report with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office saying the contractor did half the job and didn’t complete it. The report also states that she paid Aspen Peaks $ 21,500 and that those checks have been cashed.

“What did that $ 21,000 mean to you?”

“That meant a lot to me, of course. I am a senior and live alone. All of this was tough, both financially and emotionally.”

Months later, she says, another company completed part of their roof.

Pelton began looking into Aspen Peaks Roofing and found that the company’s owner, Nathan Hardage, had been in trouble before. He was arrested in 2017 in a case of theft. According to an affidavit, charges are currently being brought in another case. The affidavit said a customer named David paid $ 4,800 to repair his roof. According to court records, months passed and nothing was done.

Pelton caught up with Nathan at a court appearance recently to find out his side of the story.

“Some of your clients have reached out to me and said they paid you and no work was done. Do you have a comment?”

Doesn’t give a comment

“A lady told me that she paid $ 21,000 and that no work was done. Nathan, do you have an answer for that?”

“She is lying.”

“Why is this?”

“Because the job was done.”

Pelton also called Hardage and emailed him but didn’t hear about it. The phone number posted on the company’s Facebook page says the website is no longer operational. Your website doesn’t work either.

Hardage’s attorney says they have no comment at the moment.

Pelton contacted the prosecutor and informed them that no criminal complaint had been filed in either of these cases. However, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office and Colorado Springs Police Department say they are investigating.

The Call for Action team inquired with the regional construction department that Aspen Peaks Roofing does not currently have an active license. That means they cannot draw any new permits.

We will pass on all new developments.

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