10 modern window ideas for older homes

It’s inspiring to see the latest trends in modern architecture. Highlights of the futuristic look, industrial elements, strong colors. But what if your home is your typical suburban home? What if your home is older and has missed the era of new materials and fresh inspiration?

There’s one renovation out there that doesn’t break the bank and can be done in just a day. She will immediately leave your home with a stunning look and make a statement for your entire neighborhood.

While adding new siding, edging, roofing, landscaping, and artistic design elements can help a home get a modern renovation, nothing compares to modern window replacement

New houses always have certain elements in their windows that give them a modern look.

What are essential elements in modern windows?

Overall Design: Modern windows are different from older traditional windows. You eliminate complicated grilles and aged frames. They are minimalist. Simple yet robust. (1) Casement windows that can be opened by cranking tend to look more modern than sliding or hanging windows because they eliminate the center bar. The middle window frame should be off-center to allow for a large panel compared to the others. This ensures a smooth, full glass surface. Easy and unhindered. A well-built modern house should convey ultra-energy efficiency. Windows can make an important contribution towards bringing households closer to the carbon footprint or living off-grid.

Frame size: They usually have thicker frames. Thicker frames provide more space for insulation materials and spacers. They are double or even triple panes. This provides energy efficient barriers from the outside. And they just look good.

Frame Material: Most windows that give a modern look use vinyl frame material that is a color to match or contrast with the exterior.

Window Films: They feature high tech window film technology for advanced lighting and energy properties. For example, a film can now block certain harmful UV rays that are causing aging and fading of your home furniture. In addition, these films can block heat in summer and cold in winter.

Gas-filled: Some windows incorporate the latest gas-filled technology to create an energy-free environment. The combination of thicker frames with a slim window surface creates a solid appearance of a more expensive, yet more durable residential building.

Why these elements? Modern design tends towards simplicity with technology. It contains natural elements combined with advanced technical materials. It blends in with the natural environment and creates strong statements in strong colors. It combines with new urbanism. These somewhat contradicting concepts create the uniqueness of the modern design philosophy. It helps create a home that is free of annoying objects, too much personal taste, and simple, clean looks. Work-life balance, efficiency and clear thinking are three attitudes that should be taught.

To see what modern windows can do for your home, here are five projects that were done in Toronto, Canada by a local window maker, Delco, who took average, ordinary houses and turned them into modern masterpieces, just with you a new window installation, coupled with other external elements.

After remodeling the siding and edge line, this house was completed with modern windows from Delco Slimline89. Notice the full-edged window in the top corner, which adapts to the 90-degree corner and creates a real “corner window”.

This 1920s house replaced all windows with casement windows with thick black vinyl frames and modern film technology. It gave the house a “modern reset”.

From the floor to the ceiling. This particular inside view of a house on the edge of the woods on the outskirts of Toronto shows simplicity and views. It created a modern feel, not just on the outside but also on the inside.

This older suburban home, which used simple, unobstructed windows along with modern door replacement parts, was an important start to a gradual facelift.

These homeowners took their 1910 lattice windows and replaced them with triple tandem casement windows to give them a modern curb look.

This thickly framed Slimline89 bedroom window uses contrasting colors and skips the typical hanging or sliding boards to make a unique statement with an unobstructed top top right panel.

This large Toronto suburb took out the outdated windows on this tower and replaced them with modern windows that used high-tech foils for better light reflection. It creates additional privacy during the day and allows the full view if necessary.

This stately large family home from the 1940s used a window replacement with thick black vinyl frames for a solid, updated look.

An old brick townhouse in the city’s historic Toronto is a main living area window that has been replaced with a modern vinyl window. This window expands the historical elements to make the street presentation attractive.

This brick house replaced all of the aging windows with overhead awning windows that offer an unobstructed view and are opened to fresh air and exit at the same time.

When modernizing your home, start with the most visible elements that can be done quickly. Window installers can easily replace your old, aging windows in a day or two, and you’ll be encouraged and inspired to transform your home into a modern statement that the neighbors will talk about.

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