10 Home Renovation Trends You Will See A Lot Of In 2022

“So many homeowners have been taking inspiration from historical and organic references recently, which is in line with research by Yelp, which shows searches for reclaimed material have increased 38%. I can imagine that most home projects in 2022 will be aimed at getting back to the root of the materials. For example, dismantling lacquered furniture to reveal the unfinished walnut underneath, or replacing existing countertops with raw edges with a marble slab – reclaimed materials have something completely imperfect that helps your space really tell a story. “-Jeremiah Brent, interior architect

“Plantlife has worked its way into the houses in a more creative way and we see innovations every day. Recently, herbal fridges have developed into a new kitchen appliance that is not only functional, but also stylish and urban, and with glass fronts that highlight the green, brings an organic touch to kitchen rooms. “Devin Shaffer, Senior Interior Designer at Decorilla online interior design

“The pandemic has created awareness of health, the environment and less materialism. Apart from that, the reuse of furniture, the use of materials that support the environment, encourage recycling and have a meaning will be popular in the next year. Not to mention, natural materials like wood, rattan, clay, stone, etc. will go perfectly with any style, color, and material. These textures add warmth and lightness to the home decor and make us feel like we are in our home on vacation as many of us are unable to travel. ”-Farris Wu, Founder and CEO of DecorMatters

“Being aware of our environment and mother nature makes us aware of our carbon footprint and how we affect our planet. The use of sustainable materials and lighting that uses less energy leads to fewer feelings of guilt in our dealings with our planet and luckily they look good too! ”-Jhoiey Ramirez, headmaster the Sycamore collective

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Connection with nature

“Homeowners have been asking for more natural light in their homes through larger window and door openings for years, and that trend will clearly continue into 2022. People are increasing the natural light in their homes and creating a more direct connection with nature by adding doors that once had windows or adding larger windows for a greater sense of connection with the outside world. We have found homeowners starting remodeling to replace more traditional patio doors with large scenic versions to create a connection between indoor and outdoor spaces for smoother transitions and a sense of freedom. ”-Christine Marvin, Chief Marketing and Experience Officer at Marvin

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