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So much organization goes into opening and running a restaurant. From choosing staff to planning the menu, there are so many decisions to be made. Your decor is one of the most important as it creates the ambience of your home.

The floor covering becomes the foundation of your decor aesthetics. It also has to be functional and safe. It is also important to evaluate rules regarding quality flooring options that are allowed in regulated spaces such as prep areas.

There is a wide range of choices when choosing the flooring for your restaurant. You can opt for a seamless look or a combination of materials. Here are a few ways to start thinking about your floor plan.

1. Concrete

Polished concrete is a great choice in terms of durability. It’s incredibly strong and easy to maintain. It also resists stains and damage from bumps. This makes concrete an ideal choice for the high-traffic areas in your restaurant.

Concrete can also be extremely versatile. It can be colored or stained in a variety of colors. It can also be etched or finished with a pattern or texture for added style. Your restaurant may already be on a concrete slab that can be polished and sealed for a sophisticated look at a low cost.

2. tile

Tile is a popular choice for commercial space for good reason. It is low-maintenance and waterproof. Its durability and strength make it a great material choice for a wide variety of areas. Not only is it a perfect choice for dining areas, but it works well in kitchens and bathrooms too.

Tile is also one of the more varied options for flooring. There is an endless variety of options and styles. Large neutral tiles are a great choice for large, open spaces. Smaller, bolder tiles are a fun choice for making a big impact in more compact areas.

3. Cork

Does your restaurant have a heavy emphasis on your wine list? Then cork could be the perfect choice for your floor. The sound-absorbing nature is useful in crowded rooms. Plus, its unique appearance makes a statement.

Cork is environmentally friendly and easy to clean and maintain. When properly sealed, it can be extremely durable. It can also be reworked to breathe new life into it after a few years. You can even opt for cork planks that are similar to hardwood.

4. Hardwood

Hardwood is a classic flooring because of its durability and timeless style. It can be used with any design aesthetic and is relatively easy to maintain. It can also be reworked and restored to change the look.

Would you like hardwood with a more unique look? Check out more unconventional installation patterns. Hardwood installed in a herringbone or chevron pattern can add visual interest to your space. Consider planks with different variations of stain colors for a trendier look.

5. Laminate

Laminate is a great choice to withstand the daily wear and tear of your restaurant experiences. Its resin coating makes it a scratch-resistant and easy-to-clean choice for high-traffic areas. It is also resistant to spills that are inevitable.


Because of its low cost and flexibility, laminate is a great choice for large spaces. It comes in a huge range of designs and colors. It often looks like wood, but it can also be designed to simulate tile and stone, making it a budget-friendly option for a high-end look.

6. epoxy

Epoxy is a resilient floor coating that covers an existing concrete floor. It is a good choice for large restaurant areas as it is extremely durable and easy to maintain. It’s waterproof and eliminates the risk of mold or mildew.

You can create a seamless design as epoxy resin is an ideal material for any room in your restaurant. It’s available in an endless variety of colors and can be as simple or as complex as you like. You can opt for a flat finish for an industrial look or a metallic sheen for a more decorative design.

7. Vinyl

Vinyl is a popular choice for flooring because of its cost effectiveness. It’s also durable and low-maintenance, making it a great choice for restaurant environments. Vinyl flooring isolates sound and reduces echo. It also provides a soft, safe surface for walking.

Luxury vinyl tile, or LVT, is a perfect balance between cost and design. There are a wide variety of styles and price ranges, and installation is a simple process. The different shades and sizes make it a great choice for any type of decor.

8. stone

Are you looking for a durable surface that is ideal for all areas of your restaurant? Stone is a great choice for both high-end appearances and long-term use. It can withstand heavy traffic as well as falls and spills.


There are different types of stones that are used for floors. Granite and slate tiles are extremely durable and easy to clean. Look for textured stone to provide good traction and prevent falls. Stone tiles come in many styles and they go well with a variety of decor themes.

9. Rubber

Rubber was primarily used as a kitchen floor, but it can be a good choice for all areas of a restaurant. It’s resistant to stains and water and extremely durable. It’s also non-slip and absorbs sound. The softness of rubber bases reduces the risk of dropped dishes being damaged.

The choice of rubber floors has increased in recent years. It’s available in a variety of colors and styles, including solids and patterned designs. You can even opt for recycled rubber flooring as an environmentally friendly alternative.

10. Carpet

If you want to create a cozy, intimate environment in your dining room, carpeting may be the way to go. Opting for a rug in a room that is likely to spill food and drink may seem risky. However, there are options that can be used to minimize these risks.

The carpet is sound absorbing and soft underfoot and creates a calm environment. It’s inexpensive and can be treated to make it more stain resistant and more thorough. You can even look for carpet tiles. If one is permanently damaged, only that part of the floor needs to be replaced.

Restaurants have a unique combination of priorities when it comes to decor and design. The room must be functional, safe and easy to maneuver for employees. It should also be appealing, comfortable and welcoming to guests.

Careful research and planning of floors leads to a balanced environment of security and style. Think about the mood you want to create in your room. There is a floor on which to make your style decisions and create the perfect ambience.

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